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The Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library is a coherent collection of Javascript and CSS resources that make it easier to build richly interactive applications in web browsers. Some pieces of YUI, like the Event Utility, operate under the hood and are simply there to make in-browser programming easier. Others, like the Calendar Control, comprise visual widgets that can be placed on your page with a default look-and-feel.

The YUI Library is free, licenced under a liberal BSD license that permits both commercial and non-profit use. YUI is backed by developers at Yahoo!, where YUI code is used and refined on pages viewed billions of times each day. YUI is increasingly comprehensive, well-documented, and supported by a growing community in the YUI forums.


Sensible amount of documentation:
  • API documentation is available in a searchable format. All modules, classes and files available are easily browsable.
  • Yahoo also provides cheat sheets that can be downloaded and used as quick reference during development. Not comprehensive or to be used as only reference, but just another way to get through documentation faster.


Download at Sourceforge
  • Yahoo UI Library
  • Examples using YUI one of which I thought was interesting was the collaborative timeline example from OurStory. This site was created using Yahoo! APIs and UI components.
  • YUI Blog entry: 10 things you can do with YUI is a nice summation of what can be achieved with this open source library.
  • Ext: This site is all about the Ext library, a javascript toolkit. New site launched April 1, 2007.
  • A set of Design patterns have been developed by Yahoo! and these can be used to develop the user interface of current modules in the KP-Lab project. These "best practices" are good examples and have a useful structure that can be integrated later on in the development phases of the KP-Lab project. The design patterns are related to YUI Library in that these design patterns were used or created during the process of creating the YUI Library itself.

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