Preliminary research

How well the tool adheres to the following mashup principles:

  1. Online software that takes minutes or hours to create instead of days and weeks.
    • Pipes is "an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator. Using Pipes, you can create feeds that are more powerful, useful and relevant".
    • You need a little reading up on the different components, but quite easy to look at ready-made examples that can give the novice a quick-start into creating personalised web services, ie: aggregator of rss feeds.
    • Background and Documentation
  2. End-user guided assembly in the browser.
    • Brownie points awarded for a very visual approach to assembling the different components in the browser
  3. Sharing via simple URL.
    • yes.
  4. Leverages the global SOA: Is open to all external sources of behaviour and data, e.g. Web Services and other Web apis.
    • there are issues with what yahoo pipes can actually access
  5. Visually configured or scripted "glue" to connect widgets and DIVs together.
  6. Is secure, safe, and reliable.
    • Very new (Early 2007)
  7. What kind of user management it provides?
    • ?
  8. Is it mature enough to be used in our project? Examples, of where this tool has been used before.
    • not really mature.
    • can use it as an example of the visual UI being quite an asset for the novice end user to create their own web services.
  9. Is it open source?
    • not yet. You must have a yahooID (which is easy to get) to access this online service.
    • Idea that you can easily copy and edit someone else's "Pipe" is quite easy.
    • They have incorporated Yahoo!'s own Yahoo! UI components into this online service's components.

Web 2.0
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