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Why and how to register?


If you want to add/edit content to this wiki, you need to subscribe. We decide to do it like this for two main reasons:
First, you should be proud of your work :) e.g. if you are logged in, your name and your contribution will be kept in the history of the page…
Second, to avoid spammer/destructor (sorry for the large majority of you who are not), we can more easily rollback their destruction and block their access.


To create your account, you need to click on the login link (on the right side, top or bottom) and then choose the Join KP-Lab Wiki link.

Tip: There is one field for a ‘Wiki name’, you should (but you can do as you want) use the same name as your ‘Login name’ or ‘Full name’, but without space or accentuated characters. e.g. Full name: John Doe => JohnDoe.


  1. if you are an official KP-Lab collaborator, please use the same email address as you use to register in There will be a gnome :) who will give you special privileges (like attach document to, rename, delete… existing pages and also access to some "privates" pages.). But please, be patient, it can take some times.
  2. There is a timeout, meaning, if you are logged in but not active, your session will be closed and the wiki will ask you to login again.

Personal page

When you are logged in, you will see on the left side “G'day ‘Your Full Name’ (authenticated)”. Your ‘Full Name’ will appear as a link, meaning that, we propose you (if you want) to create your personal page.

If you want, you can also add your name in the UserList too.

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