Suggestion for versioning of the content items (especially files)

The idea was to allow both kind of processes, work on the file (e.g., word doc with track changes style, i.e., the editions are inside the document) and creating a new version of the file but within the same content item.
Crina: Just a question for clarification: what is the difference between the two processes, work on the file and creating a new version? I think both the process (who, when, etc.) and the file progression (what additions/changes, what comments, etc.) should be included, if possible; but maybe that is the idea as formulated above Merja: The difference is that when working within the file the data of who did what etc are inside the file, just like they are in word when we use track changes. When having this "commenting action within the file" the information could also be displayed in the content item info and used in the Data Export. It woulf also prevent of having too many versions of that file - content item content. Just think how many commenting rounds we have with out KP-lab reports without we make a new 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 version of it. I am not sure if I managed to express it now any better.

Merja:The "work on the file" /i.e., "the inside version" Has been dropped out! This is just a suggestion so all comments are welcomed and needed!!

The first figure (Figure 1) displays the modification form of a content item with the idea to create a new version of the file within that particular content item (or in case of accident upload the user can also replace a version).
NOTE: the tagging has been taken of from the form since the new version of the tagging should occur from the tag icon.

Figure 1. Creating a new version or replacing one

Minna: I am not sure whether it is needed that you can replace any previous version or just the last one. Usually I think that open possibilities are better but logically it sounds somewhat strange that older versions are replaced - they are sort of history of the item development. Then we would only need the choices "Add new" and "Replace latest/newest/current" But perpaps it is good that you are at least able to see the list of previous versions when you add your own. Merja: basically I tried to say that when you have the "commenting versions" within the content of the content item (e.g. a word file) the user can select to replace the 0.1 version with the newly done comments in the file, i.e., the comments, additions editions in word that you can see from the track changes, or the user can decide that this is a anew version of the content of the content item, i.e. 0.2.

The second figure (Figure 2.) displays just that the content item needs some visualisation indicating that it contains versions within it. If this suggestions of versioning is accepted Tessera will produce the actual graphics for visualising the version within the content item. It would be good to haver a numbering that displayes the number of the version. The graphical presentation could be juts from one to 4 shadows and then only the number keeps increasing or something like that.

Figure 2. Displays the need of visualisation indicating that the content item has versions.
Crina: I am very fond of this visualization. It is clear and straightforward, and if the versions also have metadata it provides all the information needed. A nice thing would be if even the numbers of the version (e.g. 0.1) could be place either on the visual representation or in teh metadata

When selecting the content item, the information of the versions of the files will be displayed in the info tab (Figure 3) (with, of course, the existing information that is already displayed in the info tab when selecting a content item).

Figure 3. Info tab with information about the versions.

Minna: I also like the visualization indicating whether there are several versions of the content item. I do not understand what this "inside version updates" mean. Is it an open field where the creator of the new version can write what changes has been made? On my understanding there will not be an automatic comparison functionality of the differences between versions (like in wiki) because the content items can be made in many formats and using various programs. Can you clarify?
Merja: After more discussion the "inside versioning" was dropped out Merja: I tried to make it clearer in the start of the page answering Crina's question. No I do not think you can make a comparison just as you mentioned the changes are for example inside word or whatever the file might be.

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