Validating ontologies with VRP

Precondition: You have made the required changes to the ontology you are validating.

  • Download the Validating Rdf Parser (VRP) from, and extract the download package to a folder on your computer.
  • Set the JAVA_HOME and VRP_HOME variables to correct values in runVRP.bat (Windows) or runVRP (Linux)
  • Download the kp-lab ontologies that your ontology references (probably at least TLO).
  • Change the namespace declaration concerning the referenced ontologies so that they point to the files you downloaded. This is shown in the image below.
- Also: If you edited your ontology using Protege, you might have an owl-namespace declaration. Remove it.

Changing namespace reference

  • Validate your ontology using VRP.
- Specify the input and output files
- Select the 'External Namespaces' option.
- Click start
- If you get validation errors, fix them

Validating with VRP


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