Revised version: 08.05.2009 (final)

Product name and version: KPE/Shared Space Tools, M36 stable version.
Organisers of the test: UH
Date of the test: 28.4.2009 & 8.5.2009
Date of the report: 
Editor: Minna Lakkala & Satu Jalonen
Contact name(s): Minna Lakkala

Executive summary

Purpose/objectives of the test: Diagnostic expert evaluation
Method 1:Explorative analysis
Number and type of participants: Two pedagogical researchers

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

  • Most basic functionalities in the ‘Choose your data’ tab appear to work as they should, but the interface requires some polishing (e.g. using concepts consistently, being more precise and clear with titles).
  • The social network analysis matrixes appear not to count all comments and do not show the data in the order that they should. That requires careful checking and testing.
  • The functionalities in the User Action Log tab did not work.

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