Revised version: 26.06.2009 (final)

Product name and version: KPE/Shared Space Tools, M36 stable version.
Organisers of the test: UH
Date of the test: 28.4.09, 12.5.09
Date of the report: 
Editor: Kari Kosonen & Sami Paavola
Contact name(s): Sami Paavola

Executive summary

Neme of the tool/product: Awareness
Purpose/objectives of the test: Diagnostic expert evaluation
Method 1:Explorative analysis
Number and type of participants: Four pedagogical researchers (S. Paavola, K. Kosonen, Jiri Lallimo, Seppo Toikka)

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

Results (in relation to the list of functionalities)

1.1. Receive notifications from KA tool (when add/modifies/deletes tags)
No notifications about adding, modifying or deleting tags were received.

1.2.Receive noticifations from KP tool
No notifications about adding, modifying or deleting tasks or milestones were received.

1.3.Receive notifications from CIS tool Content Item Service
No notifications about adding/modifying/deleting an uploadable/wiki/note/external type Content item was received.

1.4. Receive notifications from Community tool
In item info: only the user him/herself visible, not others (who are present in SSp); or sometimes the other user was available but not the user him/herself.
A green ball can be seen (with two users). We think, however, that the green ball could/should be bigger; not easy to notice if not known in advance.

1.5.Add info to session log from KA tool (when add/modifies/deletes tags)
Only info about the modification of content item was viewed

1.6..Add info to session log from KP tool (tasks/milestones)
Info was added to the session log when the participants deleted or modified tasks but did not appear when tasks were added.

1.7.Add info to session log from CIS tool
Info was added to the session log when the participants modified or deleted content item. When a note was modified no information was added. In addition the modifier’s session log info was emptied.

1.8. Add info to session log from Community tool
Only two participants are seen simultaneously marked in the session log.

1.9. User info in Community View (not yet there)
Not tested

1.10. Status info in Community view (not all there)
Not tested

1.11. Real Time Object Lock
The Object Lock icon appeared so as it is supposed to do

1.12. Real Time Object Unlock
The Lock icon disappeared when the modification was done

1.13.User status change in community view
The changes of the participants’ statuses were viewed in the community view.

1.14. User info in Community View
Status manual change in Community view (not possible at the moment)

1.15. Receive notification - Tailored view
When one participant created a tailored view the other participants received note about that. However when he deleted the tailored view no notifications were seen.

1.16. Receive notification - Visual Model Editor
No notifications were received when one participant created a visual model and deleted it.

1.17.Receive notification - Background image
No notifications were received when one participant created a background image and removed it.

1.18.Receive notification – Vocabulary
No notifications were received when vocabulary was edited.

1.19. Receive notification - Content item
No notifications were received when tags were added to content items or deleted from them

1.20. Receive notification - Todo
Not tested

1.21. Receive notification – Chat
Not tested

1.22. Get SS Network cache (does not work yet)
Not tested

1.23.Update object coordinates to cache (does not work yet)
Not tested

1.24. Users in Network View

1.25. Users in specific sharedspace
Only two participants as maximum were displayed in the item info tab.

1.26. Users in specific sharedspace
The double clicking of the icon of a man in the shared space icon showed a table that displays the status, username, login time and location (i.e., the shared space where the user is)

1.27. Opening multiple vocabularies
The lock icon in the vocabulary content item appeared when many vocabularies were opened at the same time

1.28.Unexpected exit of SSGUI client with locked object
The icon of the lock did not disappear when one participant left a the shared space “unexpectedly” by closing his browser.

2. Not Known:
2.1User moves item
When one participant moved the item the other participants saw the glove hand-icon with the name of the former.

2.2. Unread notes and comments (not yet there)
Not tested

2.3. Resent changes
This functionality did not work

Receive notification - Mobile user (not yet implemented)
User preferences: set to receive notifications (not yet fully implemented)
Select todo and make it task in the process view
Virtual meeting tasks to tasks in process view (not sure if it is there)

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