Usability Report: Think aloud Shared Space M 24

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Product name and version: M 24 release of Shared Space Application (stable)

Organisers of the test: Liu dong
Participants: Wei xuan
Time: 8 May 2008
Facility: Windows XP, Net speed: 54.0Mbps Fire-fox explore. Screen size: 17’ Screen resolution: 1280 * 1204pixels.
Report: 8 May 2008 by Liu dong
Contact: Liu dong

Executive Summary

This personal evaluation report is of Shared Space Application 7 May 2008. The purpose of this evaluation is finding problem and good ideas of functions and features in Shared Space Application. The participant is Wei xuan, observer and report is Liu dong. This report is only personal idea and suggestion. This test took 3 hours. The location is in home. The date of testing is 23:00, 7 May 2008.


Below what the user spoke during the test. The problem part is what the user mentioned.

Task Problem Result Time
1. a) Waiting time is too long. Don’t know how long time should be waiting. Feel fidget. b) When can’t enter, not give message need login. Failed 13 Min
2. a) Don’t understand the icon in right corner. b) It is feels bad in gantt chart when click another task both task be selected. c) In note panel no clear border show ‘leave message’ section. d) Add link, the ‘cancel’ button in left. Failed 13 Min
3. No problem Down 1 Min
4. a) The delete function not work under Edit menu. Failed 3.5 Min

Because use Flex, the interactiveness looks good but if the waiting time is long the good feeling is gone!!

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