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Product name and version: Visual Modelling Language Editor, M48 Release
Organisers of the test: FH-OOE
Date of the test: March 2010
Date of the report: 26.03.10
Editor: Christoph Richter
Contact name(s): Christoph Richter

Executive summary

Name the product: Visual Modelling Language Editor, M48 Release
Purpose/objectives of the test: Testing intuitiveness and consistency; Finding bugs and errors; Providing recommendations for improvement
Method : Expert Evaluation based on tasks specified in the system usage scenarios
Number and type of participants: Usability Expert

Results in main points

Even though the evaluation revealed a couple of bugs and usability problems the main functionalities of the VMLE worked properly and appears to be quite convenient and intuitive. The resizable nodes for the concepts, relation-types and attributes are much better than those used in the VME as well as the nodes used in Content view. Having the VMLE as a floating window also appears quite convenient as it allows to easily shift focus between the language and the model itself. Besides fixing of bugs and ensuring consistency in terminology the more severe problem relate to the “inheritance” of attributes via the “is-a” relationship as well as the enforcement of domain-range restrictions for relation-types. Both issues are important, as they are required for the systematic exploitation of semantics of the visual modelling languages.

As the evaluator has been quite familiar with the development of the VME as well as the VMLE it is strongly recommended that the VMLE is tested by teachers and students as soon as possible to assess whether the tool is usable also for novice users with less background knowledge and prior experience.

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