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Product name and version: KPE/Shared Space Tools, M36 stable version.
Organisers of the test: FH-OOE
Date of the test: 25.05.2009
Date of the report: 
25.05.2009, 28.05.2009
Editor: Eva Zöserl
Contact name(s): Eva Zöserl (

Executive summary

Neme of the tool/product: Google Calendar Integration of KP-Environment/Shared Space Tools
Purpose/objectives of the test: Expert evaluation
Method 1:Explorative analysis
Number and type of participants: One research assistant from FH-OOE who is mainly involved in contributing to the design of KPE tools as well as in usability issues. Additionally, the participant has 3 year lecturing experience.
Tasks: Standard tasks

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

  • It is not possible to retrieve existing calendars. The system keeps loading without any results or error messages. Moreover it is not possible to delete an existing calendar and to export tasks or to dos.
  • The interface needs some updates (e.g. do not provide two buttons to get existing calendars, consistent style of buttons)
  • I am not sure if it is possible to export a set of tasks.
  • It is not possible to export selected to dos. The user has to export the entire list.
  • Exporting tasks towards a Google Calendar is only possible by using the Process View. The Google Calendar dialog cannot be opened by using the Content View.

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