Revised version: 15.06.2009 (final)

Product name and version: KPE/Shared Space Tools, M36 stable version.
Organisers of the test: FH-OOE
Date of the test: 02.06.2009
Date of the report: 
Editor: Eva Zöserl
Contact name(s): Eva Zöserl (

Executive summary

Neme of the tool/product: Community View of KP-Environment/Shared Space Tools
Purpose/objectives of the test: Expert evaluation
Method 1:Explorative analysis
Number and type of participants: One research assistant from FH-OOE who is mainly involved in contributing to the design of KPE tools as well as in usability issues. Additionally, the participant has 3 year lecturing experience.
Tasks: Standard tasks

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

  • The information message about adding users to groups should include a hint that a group must be created first.
  • The appearance of nodes should be updated.
  • Link descriptions should be possible in order to indicate for example the role of the user within a specific group.
  • Provide a list of existing groups when clicking “Add to group” in the context menu of a user.
  • The left sidebar is only after resizing the browser window available.
  • There don’t must be a differentiation between hierarchical and relationship link. The add link functionality was not working. Easier way of creating links between users and groups: drag user to the group.
  • The item info in the right sidebar (group as well as user) should be checked.
  • Selecting more than one link and deleting both simultaneously should be possible.

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