Revised version: 15.06.2009 (final)

Product name and version: KPE/Shared Space Tools, M36 stable version.
Organisers of the test: Metropolia
Date of the test: 26.06-05.07.2009
Date of the report: 
Editor: Merja Bauters
Contact name(s):

Executive summary

Neme of the tool/product: Semantic Search
Purpose/objectives of the test: Diagnostic expert evaluation
Method 1:Functional testing
Number and type of participants: One teacher
Tasks: Functions listed in the System Usage Scenario

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

Requested issues:

  • Possibility to search from multiple search spaces and/or from all shared space the user has access rights
  • Maybe add a facet of the shared spaces into the facet side
  • Possibility to choose from one facet more than one criteria that are searched, e.g., search items that have particular tags (2 or 3 tags) from the same vocabulary, Or search from 6 different shared space, e.g., the course shared space and teams shared spaces


  • Visual displaying of results
  • Some usage problems with facets
  • Missing tag facets
  • User has to first clear the shared space from which to search before the user is able to change the shared space from which to search (see suggestion about having facet of shared spaces)
  • It would be nice if in the results the shared space from where the result is displayed also
  • Question mark button does not do anything. Not implemented yet?
  • User can see search results from shared space, where s/he does not have rights (if you click unselect current shared space or clear buttons in search criteria). When clicking button "Show in Content View", user gets unfriendly error and shared space (where s/he does not have rights) is opened. Although shared space is empty because data could not be retrieved.
  • Do not close the search when seeing a result in the Content View
  • Do not grey the background it is nice to see the Content View (Shared Space) when executing a search
  • It should be possible to go the shared space (“See in Content View”) also from the grid view

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