Revised version: 27.06.2009 (final)

Product name and version: KPE/Shared Space Tools, M 32 – M36 stable version.
Organisers of the test: Metropolia
Date of the test: 01.01-07.06.2009
Date of the report:06.07.2009
Editor: Merja Bauters
Contact name(s):

Executive summary

Neme of the tool/product: Views, Wiki, Search, Google Docs and Calendar of KP-Environment/Shared Space Tools
Purpose/objectives of the test: Field trial
Method 1:Questionnaire, observation, self-documentation
Number and type of participants: Observation and self-documentation by a teacher of the course where KPE was in use. Course held in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Number of students in the course around 24.
Tasks: No specific tasks but use in the courses

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

Needs, requirements, and changes needed for the course setting

  • Introduction into the KPE by describing and showing the ”best practices in relation to the setting of the course/project”,
  • The guidance should be repeated every now and then if there are longer brakes in the use, e.g., vacation periods,
  • In this particular course setting, the collaboration focus should be more in the design and coding practices of the product,
  • Introduction to social media applications in this course or in earlier courses o provide a base for the students – should not be taken as granted that all know everything that is out there in the net,
  • The guidelines to reports and deliverables should be provided in both manners, i.e., in the Google docs and in the Wiki, but wiki should be emphasised because it supports better the long time modification, has better visibility to all, and is more prominent tool in professional software production team to keep track of the documentation,
  • There is a need to have group emails and shared space email lists
  • Wiki would need a possibility to colour text,
  • Highlighting what is new in the shared space
  • Notifications into email, RSS-feeds, Twitter
  • Beneficial would have been to use the Alternative Process View to present the iterative manner of the phases, i.e., iterative cycles that user-centred design process promotes
  • Students hoped that the system could have sent a message to the persons that the content items or tasks were assigned to
  • The system should remember where the user worked last time and go directly there – maybe should be in the personal preferences

  • Log-in problems, access right problems to WIKI and to KPE
  • Performance slowness in Chat tools, loading the Network View, opening modification forms, etc.,
  • System should be more reliable, sometimes Note editor did not show the text or the content items did not get created
  • Foreign characters should be supported (unfortunately not know what foreign characters)

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