Main Screen

Main Screen

The main window shows the users' list of to-do, along with some information on them such as status, date and description. The user is able to sort the listing by name or date. He can also add a to-do or delete one.

The tool is opened in the right sidebar. In order to implement the above design, we will need buttons, check-boxes, datagrids and scrollbars. However all these, are taken care of by the the shared space's css and core programming (from a design aspect of course). So in this case, we don't need any specific graphical assets at all. Just follow the above design, regarding the spaces and margins between the items.

Main Screen (alternate version)

We can also implement the main screen to open as a pop-up window and not in the sidebar. If we choose to do this, the GUI should like the one below.

Main Screen (Alternate Version)

Again, we don't need any special graphical assets for it. All items such as window, title, help button, close button, datagrid etc. are taken care of the shared space's css. One can find more information and guidelines of how to create such windows in the “Generic Tool Graphical Guidelines”.

Add Task

Add Task

The add window is used to add a to-do in your list. The user arrives at this screen when he clicks on the “add” button on the main screen.

In order to implement the above design we will need buttons, checkboxes, calendar, labels and textinputs. No special assets are needed. Please take a look at the “Generic Tool Graphical Guidelines” to help you started.


The fla file where you can find the graphical assets of this tool is located on plone, at


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