Time-Line based analysis has its roots in development of Activity System Design Tools (ASDT) where introduction of Time-Line Application was delivered in M36 release of ASDT. Time-Line is a companion to the Cycle of Expansive Learning View (CELV), another ASDT application which was delivered in M36 as well. Both of them are in an ASDT analysis application package that was specified in deliverable D6.6 and aims to provide brief overview of actions that were conducted on some Content Item (Time-Line) or provide the possibility to see items that are presented in certain phase of Change Laboratory intervention method (CELV).

Development of Time-Line based analysis application which is a part of analytical tools for the Knowledge Process Environment (KPE) is undertaken in WP6 by Poyry and TUK developers. Design of user requirements, system usage scenarios as well as technical specification has been assigned to newly created Working Knot (WK) - Analytical Tools, from which selected partners closely participate in creation of such materials.


As before mentioned, functionality that is already delivered for Time-Line application is the possibility to 'track' changes or inspect actions that were conducted on any Content Item which is presented in the Change Laboratory (CL) Space.

This functionality is delivered by set of services namely the History and Participation Awareness Service (HPA) developed by TUK and ASDT front-end service (developed by Poyry) by which actions conducted upon any item are stored into HPA repository and on the request they are retrieved by the Time-Line application GUI.

Future development plans for Time-Line based analysis contains possibilities to: Currently (M44) the System Usage Scenarios are being made for TLBA - Timeline Based Analysis, therefore following milestones are not yet accurate.


  • visualize activities that are stored in HPA (detailed view),
  • enter the user defined external events (as an additional input to the HPA), moved to the M48 release
  • support for descriptions and store pattern definitions. moved to the M48 release as well
  • Complex timeline visualization of knowledge creation processes,
  • Full support for coding process of events and user defined patterns,
  • Identification of similar patterns and/or comparison of different patterns.
(Detailed description can be found in DoW4) (Updated implementation plan can be found in updated DoW4.1.1)

Development is going to be conducted in two phases - iteration 1 and iteration 2. Iteration 1 has its end in M44 and iteration 2 in M48. Finishing second iteration should bring reliable and stable release of the Time-Line based analysis.

Open Questions (in general)

What we want to see on Time-Line?

  • What is the level of analysis:
    • seeing the "events" based on OOA (as it is in the ASDT M36 release)
    • seeing the "events" based on SS/CL (basicaly based upon any defined container as CLSession, CLTheme, etc.) view -> user can see all "events" that has been made in this "container"
    • based upon those levels/view, the query into HPA will be based.
  • What we can/will see on the "event" itself?
    • Deals with the "on-fly" data -> what properties are we interested in? -> tlo:dc_title, dc_description, etc., any associated objects to this event (as a link, URL, etc.)?
    • If it will be user-entered "external event" and if this one is pointing to an OOA (KR/HPA) should some properties be visible?

Entering the "External Events"

  • Entered events should be in the Reference-Model fashion
  • What fields/options should be there?
  • Do we need to extend the HPA interface/properties?
  • Does the External-Event bring only change into the HPA or also to the KR (as uploading the file, etc.)?
  • How the GUI should look like?

Time-Line Usability

  • Different types of "events" - different types of colors? -> color differentiation?
  • How the "tagging" of "events" could be done?
  • If the "tagging" of "events" brings additional info -> should the HPA log be extended with this informations?
  • How the relevant/associated objects will be shown on the time-line
  • Could some existing tool be used as a input for the time-line? (KPE, Virtual Whiteboard, Search GUI)?

HPA structure

  • OOA versioning?
  • relevant/associated artefacts
  • snapshot info?

Creation-Presentation-Sharing-Tagging of/by coding schemes

Creation-Presentation of Patterns

Running analysis

  • Identification of "similar patterns"
  • Export/Share of patterns
  • Showing events on timeline by user vs. time

Technical Implementation

  • Storing events into the HPA repository - guidelines
  • Getting needed data for the TLBA

Foreseen Plan

Iteration 1

Questions for Pedagogical partners
  • what levels of analysis we can support
  • what can be seen as on-fly on the event
  • how will the external event be defined as/what it will contain
  • description of coding scheme - is there a well known standard for those - so it can be used for sharing and comparison
Questions for Technological partners
  • Common logging principles
  • HPA log representation/properties established
  • The tool that does not log -> those actions wont be visible in time-line
  • Binding of objects and events between the HPA log and Snapshot
  • Will be there a new/old GUI for launching time-line analysis (not only showing events but actually doing something upon them)?

Iteration 2

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TLBA implementation schedule (up to M48)

Iteration 1

  • Delivery of final System Usage Scenarios
  • Production release of TLBA

Iteration 2

  • Technical specification appears in deliverable DII.8
  • Development release of TLBA
  • Production release of TLBA
  • TLBA Technical release notes appears in deliverable DII.9
  • TLBA Usability study appears in deliverable DII.10

Related Analytical Tools/Services

  • ASDT Cycle of Expansive Learning View
  • Data Export
  • History and Participation Awareness
  • Visual Analyzer GUI (to be developed)
  • Snapshot Management Service, GUI (to be developed) Development was dropped
  • Tailored View
  • Alternative Process View


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