Test case: JSPWiki page lock


  1. Registered user
  2. Logged in
  3. JSPWiki tab selected

Procedure 1


  1. Open two different browsers (ie. Firefox and Opera)
  2. Login with different users to each of them
  3. Start editing a page (ADD HERE THE PAGE NAME OR LINK) from either of the browsers
  4. Try to edit the same page from the other browser
  5. Notice if there is a warning for page lock


  • When all of the above did work and page lock was shown.
  • Some of the above did not work, probably page lock was not shown.
  • The conditions do not meet the requirements for a successfull test, but they did not either fully met the failure criteria either. For example, if the page could not be loaded, the functionality can not therefore be tested.


Test Case M12 JSPWiki Features

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