1. A short explanation of the term.

2. Another meaning of the term (if there are more than one of them defined).

A longer explanation. Links are made like this within the glossary and if the term in the text is different than the entry name (e.g. if the entry would be 'Strict Entry Name') then like this. Links outside are also easy to make as well as references (Laurel & Hardy 1993; Template 2006).

See also Guidelines for Entries.


Laurel, S. & Hardy, O. (1933). A Reference with the APA-style. Hollywood: Desert Publishers.

Template, J. (2006). A journal reference. Journal of References 1(1), 20-21.


Discussion can be added here.

Note: Every entry should include at least the following lines at the end of the entry (in order to add the page in question to the list of glossary entries):

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