Switching Between Standalone And Portlet JSPWiki

By default the portal is using a portlet version of the JSPWiki, but if you for some reason want to switch to standalone version of JSPWiki, you can.

NOTE that the standalone version might not be as up to date as teh portlet version (or vice verca dependending how the development focuses).

Get it

Standalone can be obtained from KP-Lab subversion repository with this command:

svn co https://kplab.evtek.fi/svn/kplab/wp6/apps/branches/jspwiki-standalone

This should produce a folder named jspwiki-standalone and the source code withing it.

Build it

For building you will need Maven since this is a Maven project. If Maven is properly configured (see different documentation for that), it should be easy as this:

cd jspwiki-standalone
mvn package

This will build everything and create a WAR package under the target folder.

Deploy it

Deployment is just as easy as was the building. First you need the platform where you are goind to deploy. Here we use Tomcat, which is used throughout the KP-Lab project. Assuming that the Tomcat is installed to /usr/local/tomcat the deployment should go like this:

cp target/jspwiki.war /usr/local/tomcat/webapps

If you already have an existing JSPWiki installed on your Tomcat server, be sure to remove it first or deploy the new war when the server is running. Tomcat notices the change and will redeploy the application.

Sync it

Next you'll probably want it to work seamlessly with the SSGUI. There is no need to build anything anymore, just one line of code you need to commetn and one line to uncomment.

Again we assume that you have you Tomcat installed at /usr/local/tomcat, and you have Jetspeed installed there as well as the SSGUI portlet. The SSGUI should be (by default at least) installed at /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ssgui and this is what we are using here.

The file you need to modify is /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/ssgui/swf/ss_scripts.js. Use vim or other text editing tool to make the changes. Lines to be changed are between lines 1024-1026.

Before it should look like this (don't mind the possible difference with spaces at the beginning of the lines):

    // Portlet version URL
    window.open("/jetspeed/portal/jspwiki-popup.psml", "jspwikipopup");
    // Standalone version URL
    //window.open("/jspwiki/Wiki.jsp?page="+contentItemTitle+"&ss_name="+sharedSpaceTitle, "jspwikipopup");

Afterwards it should look like this

    // Portlet version URL
    //window.open("/jetspeed/portal/jspwiki-popup.psml", "jspwikipopup");
    // Standalone version URL
    window.open("/jspwiki/Wiki.jsp?page="+contentItemTitle+"&ss_name="+sharedSpaceTitle, "jspwikipopup");

So, you just uncommented the standalone version line and commented the portlet version line.

Run it

Now things should be good to go. If the server is not already running, start it up, and test the transfer from SSGUI to JSPWiki. Should work ;)

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