From JSPWiki official web site: "A JSPWiki plugin is a tool that can automate actions on wiki pages. The well known Page Index or Recent Changes pages contain little more than a plugin call".

Hello Guest!

First, I propose you a little exploration of the Wiki variables.
As you can see, if you are logged in I can display your name (your computer IP address otherwise) using the [{$username}] variable.
There are some other variables like:

  • [{$pagename}]: Special
  • [{$totalpages}]: 834
If you use the WikiWizard editor, you will see them (and many more) under the 'Extras' -> 'Extension' -> 'Wiki Vars' menu.

Core plug in

There are many plug-in that will help you editing the pages.

As first example the table of content (at the top of this page) is automatically created with the [{TableOfContents title='Table of Contents'}] plug-in. You have two more examples of pages using plug-in linked under the definition.

Others examples:

  • The date and time [{CurrentTimePlugin format='HH:mm \'on\' dd-MMM-yyyy'}]: 01:17 on 23-Jan-2019
  • Refering pages, you can see it in action in the left menu footer. It is also the system used to create the Categories (note: I use here the full URL (with the http://) => the wiki see it like an external link and so that, this page won’t be referenced on the Categories).
  • Mikko Wuokko uses the Weblog plug-in on Slim Blog
  • You can insert another page here with [{InsertPage page='TestWithInsertPagePlugin'}] (The page name is case sensitive with no space (like it appears in the URL)!):

    This is a test page

    Is it integreted in the Special page?

  • ...

If you use the WikiWizard editor, you will see them (and many more) under the 'Extras' -> 'Extension' -> 'Core Plugins' menu.

CSS formatting

If you are familiar with CSS technology, you can use it to do advanced text formatting. You have to start your area with %% and close it with the same tag. As example %%(text-align:center;color:green;font-size:300%) centred green text 300% bigger %% will provide:

centred green text 300% bigger

JSPWiki also provides some predefined styles, like for example this %%commentbox one comment box (...) %%

one comment box
  • %%sub -- Subscript, like aij = aji
  • %%sup -- Superscript, like 23 = 8
  • %%strike -- Strikethrough text, like this text is hardly readable

You can also see it in action in the main page and in the Sand Box.

If you use the WikiWizard editor, you will see them (and many more) under the 'Extras' -> 'Extension' -> 'CSS Formating' menu.

External plugin

I added to this wiki the code plugin. It will highlight source code for 130 different programming language.
For example, here is a Java code...

package org.test; /** * Just to test the Code plugin in JSPWiki */ public class Test { private String testS; private int testI; public Test(String testS, String testI){ this.testS = testS; this.testI = testI; } public String toString(){ // some comment testS + " " + testI; } }

... and here is some PHP

<html> <body> <?php // some php $t = "Test"; echo $t; ?> </body> </html>

This page is referenced under the Category Help.

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