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15.06.2006 08:46

Hm.. I have to say that now have made some REAL progress. Navigation now works as a portlet =) and just got the image links working too :-D. The thing was that with portlets you must give the absolute path to the image so images/logo.gif will **not** work, but /MyPortlet/images/logo.gif does.

Still needs a lot of work to get running fully (if ever at all.. well, yes, at some point)

12.06.2006 14:03

Maybe I should add something here. :)

So.. we have decided to go for the portlet stuff, use a wiki for the content editing (cms?) and so on.. Last two days I have been hacking this JSPWiki as a portlet, but mostly it really frustrading debugging all the time and no progress :(

Not much more really.. .

12.05.2006 08:06

Yesterday I got the XWiki somehow "haxed" to Jetspeed as a portlet. Probably it doesn't work fully, but at least it showing something. Today I'll try to figure it out a bit more.

05.05.2006 10:27 =====

MayDay went a now have to add something here so that people will beleave that actually have done something :D. Yesterday I tried to build the sakai from to sources with no luck. Apparently there are some incompabilities with jar files and especially with the Xalan. Even their release version 2.1.2 didn't work. Well, the demo and the binary version work still. Did put one binary version running on the [doc:other:mini server]].

21.04.2006 11:56

Loooong time no see. Back from Scotland. Should take more actions on the surveys now.

07.04.2006 11:22

It seems like that hiisi out of order so I installed an out of the box version of Sakai to our "[doc:other:mini_server|Mini Server]]" to a another istance of [Tomcat]].

Working version is found under []]. Check it out (if you feel like it). There is an admin account with admin/admin login details.

07.04.2006 09:18

Now everything looks quite nice. I got my new pc running and got most of the stuff installed here.

But the installation of this pc was not just like piece of cake. Apparently this particular machine is NOT very Linux friendly. We first thought that it would be nice to have that CentOS, which is basically the same as RHEL, because it will the one for our servers. BUT (lot of buts yes) it didn't want to install, actually it did install in semi text mode, but the X didn't want to start which was the main problem. We tried CentOS (like mentioned), Fedora Core 4, Ubuntu and also Ubuntu Live. None of them worked. Finally I just tried for kicks to try the new Fedora Core 5. And can you guess it? IT DID WORK!!

After some pondering adn search of other peoples experiences with this pc, I figured out that it should be the kernel which does not support this compilation of hardware. It seems that in somewhere between 2.6.12 and 2.6.16 it has been added there. Odd I would say. Anyway the pc now works and humms.

05.04.2006 10:25

Again a long time of silence. Ok. So I am now on top almost everything I conserning the example applications. What I have mostly done is struggled with the lack of memory on my computer, because MyEclipse in practise needs 1G of memory and I have only 512mb currently. I've been trying and failed to add memory which have all the time proved to be wrong type of memory. But now I should get a new machine with 1G of memory from Harri and we can say good bye for this insane memory jumbble. Maybe I'll now get back do some work actually :D.

29.03.2006 14:40

Feels stupid now. I've been trying to get this Spring stuff work with with jstl and EL. The thing I had missed was getting access to a local variables (defined in java script blocks) from a EL expression. Didn't figure it out since now how to do it. Damn, I have forgotten a lot of stuff I did last summer. Mostly messing aroung with these same things.

So how do you do it?

This doesn't work

<code java>

<% String text = "HELLO"; %>

<c:out value="${text}" />


Instead you have to do it like this

<code java>

<% String text = "HELLO"; pageContext.setAttribute("text", text); %>

<c:out value="${text}" />


So you have to put it in the pageContext (or other locations) as an attribute BEFORE you can access it via EL expression.

29.03.2006 08:25

Again a long almost two weeks break, but I was for bit over a week in Lapland. Now I'll concentrate on two things: getting the spring version portlet do the stuff with damn jstl and secondly assembling the Jetspeed yet to give us more home like feeling (see [http://kp-lap.org]]).

16.03.2006 15:04

Basically now both works but the check that user is not logged in is quite halfway still on both. Still they do what are supposed to do. Needs some tweaking....

16.03.2006 14:43

Did cleanup the OPS version (didn't finish the looks of it), but still the lack of getting the other userinfo than username exists and also the unlogged user is still counted as a user with no name and inserted/updated to the database. Needs probably only choose structure around the processors.

16.03.2006 08:54

Yesterday late in the afternoon I got the stuff working as like it to work. Now I can use Hibernate on the jsp page and partially beans to do it. Apparently I had just got messed up with all the sessionFactiories and stuff so that the solution actually was simple as it just can be (they always are). So now it's just cleaning up for the tomorrow meeting and some minor modfications with the OPS portlet still though.

15.03.2006 10:47

Week with no updates here, so better write something. Day before I struggled with this Hibernate and got it finally working somehow with the help of [http://www.myeclipseide.com|MyEclipse]]. Quite nice piece of software, I say. I also got the knowledge that with OPS the userinfo, meaning first and last name, can not be fetched via any portal/portlet related interfaces. So that is dropped off from that implementation. Still it doesn't change much the concept because it will comeday be implmented and then it will be there. Now the other option would be to read the stuff from LDAP or somewhere else.

07.03.2006 08:41

Yesterday I had with Liisa a test about the flash thingy aka reading the Jetspeed output from flash. The first try did work fine and seems quite possible to do it.

06.03.2006 10:39

Quite a few days absent, but back in busines. I'll try today to get the hibernate thing working with some Spring books I have managed to obtain. Also, I think I'll try to get this flash read thing working with Jetspeed (already works somehow with the same data and static file) as I've now installed Crossover Office and with that Flash MX trial version.

28.02.2006 13:07

Argh.. Frustrating things as trying to get the Hibernater working. Just doesn't work. I already got it that far it did not give me any errors on deployment ;) still, doesn't help much.

27.02.2006 13:15

Now I've been trying to intgrate Hibernate jdbc connection to Spring instead of using just an static mappings in the jsp file. For the OPS version I still have to figure out how to access the portlet parameters (as well as for the Spring version).

Last week was mostly the same stuff and I also spend some time for getting the portal somewhat customized on the look-and-feel level.

23.02.2006 15:38

So todays been mostly trying to hack these OPS and Spring portlets and fixing the portal layout for the kplab.

21.02.2006 08:33

Remember the time back a few days when I thougth that the IFrame solution would be if not the only at least the best solution for now to use OPS inside a portal. The JSR-168 support was not on top priority on their list, look, now they have it. I don't now whether it was included already on the 3.0 release, but anyway it is included in the 3.0.1 version released earlier this month. And this after all the trouble of getting it to work with IFrame.. you can't win all the time, if ever at all.. ;)

So now I have a pure JSR-168 compliant portlet solution OPS application running. Wey.....

21.02.2006 08:33

Back in busines...

Just read the meeting memos and I have bit doubts about this session solution. Few things come in to my mind, like I user does not logout and instead just closes the browser. Is the logout somehow handled in that case? Not an any expert in this field so there might be a solution for this but I do not know it.

Anyway now I'm jumping to get the user application demos working

15.02.2006 11:22

Long time and no post. Ok, but what I have done in the past few (eight!) days. As said I got the Jetspeed to work with LDAP authentication (still, no encyption on the passwords though), been working a little on the flash frontend (basically stripping down the decoration), getting the LDAP+SQL stuff to work on OPS and some other stuff.

About that users application. I'm not quite sure anymore should it be done with OPS after all (and after long time of testing it), eventhough it is a good framework to build x-based application. Hannu did pressure me to get some frameworks on the table what we should use on those application to be produced in near and far future. I did ( and have been all the time) checking out stuff for the portlet/portal development and I found some nice stuff that I have missed previously. This COULD be related to the matter that those things did **NOT** exist when I did my previous spin the framework field.

So heres some things I did find:

Spring Portlet MVC

This is quite excellent stuff. They have created a [http://opensource2.atlassian.com/confluence/spring/display/JSR168/Home|MVC framework]] for creating JSR-168 compliant portlets like Spring Web MVC does for the servlets. It will be part of the Springframework 2.0 eventually. Haven't yet tested nothing else than couple of examples, but modifications and diggings are on the way.

Remember Struts/Spring being on the framework compare few months ago already. Ok and why this was not agknowledged then. BECAUSE IT DID NOT EXIST. Well.. it did exist but the first release, Spring 2.0 M1, that has any support for this was released Dec 28 2005, one and a half months ago. M2 has bee released after that, whopping 12 days ago. And no documentation (JavaDocs exist :) ), basically no examples, no mentions anywhere no nothing. And you ask why didn't I find this earlier ;)

Oh.. and [http://www.springframework.org|Springframework]] has an IDE for Eclipse called [http://springide.org/project|SpringIDE]]

Tapestry 4.0

This is interesting too. [http://jakarta.apache.org/tapestry/index.html|Tapestry 4.0]] is supposed to native (!) support for JSR-168 portlets. Havent been able to test it, but native support sound good yes. Tapestry has an IDE for Eclipse called [http://spindle.sourceforge.net|Spindle]], but naturally it doesn't support yet the 4.0 version.

The hello world example .war file did not hot-drop to Jetspeed (misplelled web.xml(?)) so I probably have to check that one out and try get it fixed.

And others?

And did mention Velocity. Nice templating framework for Java and already greatly implemented in Jetspeed. It can be used to create portlets by VelocityBridge. The bridges in general provide us an way to import 3rd party application into portlets if would need them. Lets say that if we would like to have the dokuwiki on our portal, we could use the PHP Portlet Bridge to convert it as a portlet (not as straight forward as that, but gives you the idea).

So should we just drop OPS? I wouldn't just drop it. I would keep beside the rest, because it **still** is the best viable option for using W3C:s x-technologies, if one would need them.

07.02.2006 15:00

Now got the Jetspeed working with an OpenLdap server. After a looong struggle a got the required data added to the LDAP.

06.02.2006 14:42

Jea... Now I got the LDAP authentication working, but I think it is still running with plain text passwords. But, hey , atleast it's start. Now I should somehow extract all this stuff to the hiisi. And befora that I should get to use some kind of external LDAP server. The one I now have used was one configured and started with the jetspeed maven plugin.

Back to square one... hopefully not.. ;)

06.02.2006 14:15

Now figured out the password thing. The password were saved encrypted, but the authentication on Jetspeed was done against plain text. Now I changed the authentication type from simple to strong and lets see what that bring for us..

06.02.2006 12:30

Finally I got the LDAP server running with the Jetspeed schema. Now I just have to figure out what the password is because it should be admin, but it just gives me wrong password error.

===== 03.02.2006 13:35 =====

Finally I think I got the proxy thing working. What I did was added the following line to the catalina.sh (catalina.bat on Windows machines) in bin folder

CATALINA_OPTS="-Dhttp.proxyHost=cache.evtek.fi -Dhttp.proxyPort=8000"

Seems that the RSS demos now are working in exception of that the rss feed are not valid ;) but least its not giving me the "connection refused" - exception.

===== 31.01.2006 xx:xx =====

Got the svn working. There is now both the 2.0 final versions of Jetspeed and the trunk version of it which I'll maintain to be up to date with apache svn.

===== 30.01.2006 15:00 =====

Weekends past and my home computer crashed. Didn't doo too good to my thesis to have my Windows installation corrupted ;). Best part is that I'm not able to reinstall it because I got linux overthere as dualboot and now the Windows installer just hangs. Great. Should check that out today when I get home, after spending the whole Sunday and major part of Saturday already with it. Found out from net that something like erasing the MBR or like so should be done. The problem why I haven't already erased the whole drive is that I have some stuff overthere that wouldn't like to be erased. Well.. if nothing else works tey have to go... nuke 'em..

Back to the project. So I've been checking the ldap thing today mainly and trying to get [http://directory.apache.org|Apache Directory Sercer]] running. Hopelessly. ApacheDS is probably the best approach to the LDAP login, because Jetspeed has support for that built in. All I need now is to get that damn server running..

===== 24.01.2006 16:00 =====

Today was much of a repetition of yesterday, me giving some tuturial/mentoring/shrink sessions and trying to get some portlets running. Have been checking out too for the 3D implementation and how to implement the flash stuff ovethere. Nothing too great yet, but I'll keep on digging.

===== 23.01.2006 17:26 =====

Again it's been couple of days of silence, but today I've been mostly just checking for portlets that can be deploy to Jetspeed and also spent some time to install Jespeed-1 to our miniserver.

===== 18.01.2006 15:36 =====

It's most of just chatting as I have brougth others back to where we are. At morning had a chat with Hannu about the portals, WebServices and messaging between portlets and other stuff. Afternoon a little rememorizing session with Ali and Hennes. I have also updated the Wiki on how to get and install Jetspeed from the svn (which is not working still, being down since yesterday). Some minor checking and stuff also for the eclipse integration and modifications to the configurations files.

===== 16.01.2006 16:02 =====

Most of today I spent checking on this Liferay portal and getting it running. I finally got it after a bit of struggle running (an hour ago) and tried to put it over there beside the public Jetspeed I installed yesterday. It did got up overthere but of some reason I wasn't able to connect to it remotely. I did open the ports but it could be that the Evteks proxy or other policy doesn't allow communication through odd ports.

===== 16.01.2006 16:01 =====

Damn, it has been frustrating to add the jetspeed to hiisis SVN. Finally it should be there. There were some issues when committing the whole thing at once. Probably it was something related that I was committing too much at the same time or something. Anyway the Eclipse just crashed many times when I tried to commit it, even when committing in smaller pieces like folder at time. But now it is there. And I even got it built with Mevenide right from Eclipse. Quite nice I think. =)

I'll add the instruction how to obtain it from the SVN and how to build and deploy it in Eclipse. Log off for now and more tomorrow.

===== 16.01.2006 09:20=====

I changed the jetspeed server to on port 8080 so it will now at []].

===== 15.01.2006 15:37=====

Jep.. couple of day missing but I got the Jetspeed running now on the server at the school. It can be reached inside evtek or with tunneling following Alis [doc:ontology:additional_home#Tunneling to EVTEK|instructions]] from location []]. There is also a simple database application on the frontpage made with OPS. With it you can create or remove users. Test, try and have fun.

===== 10.01.2006 15:00=====

It wasn't so hard afterall. What? Getting a sql-connection from OPS application and presenting a SELECT result on the screen. Got it done.

===== 10.01.2006 10:00=====

The windows server apparently is not stable enough or the pc just cant handle the load. The tomcat had crashed. I decided to install a linux on the machine for dualboot. It will a Ubunto from one of those free-of-charge cd-packages.

===== 09.01.2006 =====

I tried to hack the Jetpseed to hiisi server, but apparently it is much too compicated to run it over there, mainly because the server should be stopped and started constantly. That because of the Jetspeed deployment. Then I fixed up a windows server on some old pc. With a bit of struggle and squeezing I finally got th Jetspeed to run overthere.

===== 08.01.2006 15:31 =====

I got the Graffito build and deploy with some modifications to the svn trunk files (they really SHOULD fix those things). I also got the damn thing running after copying the Spring framework jar to tomcat and restarting it. =)

There are some issues though. Again... It is an 1.0 alpha dev release ;-)

===== 05.01.2006 15:00 =====

I tried to get the Jetpseed to run on the hiisi server but with no luck yet. I could build right over there on the server but I don't have required rights to do so. I also think that the hiisi server is probably the best one to have these things tested because the Jetspeed needs to the server to shutdown before you can deploy it again over there. So for every modification we try over there we would need to shutdown the server fo a while and then restart it again. Not so good thing considering that there are also other groups who are using the same server. Well we got the JBoss overthere but currently the Jetspeed (or Graffito) doesn't support that or any other server than tomcat. Definitely needs some thinking.

===== 04.01.2006 16:28 =====

Today I got the 2.0 Final version also running against MySql backend. I have been today also checking out these decorations and layouts and the administrative things on the portal. After little testing I found out that all these customization/personalization things are already implemented over there and need no coding. :-D

Usability is quite nice and I probably have now figured out which part of the code would be the part for Liisa (needs some consideration still though). Another thing is that I had a chat with Patrick yesterday and among that I came into such conclusion that we should use (for now) the IFrame portlet to attach these our own portlets to the portal.

It is simples as something very simple. It basically works the same way as normal web frame (<iframe>) with the customization possibilities of a portlet. So it just shows the content of a certain web address (any address from the same or separate server) in a frame. With this type of thing we can for the moment forget the thing that we are should eventually use actual JSR-168 porlets with portlet-bridges or by natural portlet build. Like if we would like to use PHP for out portlet we could use a separate apache server for the PHP which probably is MUCH more stable than Tomcat throwing PHP as servlets.

===== 03.01.2006 13:38 =====

Now I got be VERY pleased, because FINALLY I got the Jetspeed running with mysql =)

See the [Jetspeed2]] for installation details

===== 02.01.2006 14:15 =====

Today I got the simple OPS application working in the Jetspeed with IFrame portlet. IFrame portlet basically shows content from a another webaddress so you can use it to show practically anything. One thing to consider is that how to communicate with the other portlet from this kind of a portlet.

===== 23.12.2005 apx. 9:30 =====

I got this Maven plugin version working after couple of new tries. I used the version M4-SNAPSHOT and then it did run trough. By using just the version 2.0 it will try to get a jsf-demo.war which can not be found on the maven repository servers.

===== 22.12.2005 21:19 =====

Ok... it did not build just a while ago but it did now. Problem was that Maven failed download some components because of some missing info. Found a solution Opensubscriber [http://www.opensubscriber.com/message/jetspeed-user@portals.apache.org/2812023.html|mailarchives]]. So I had to add those two values to build.properties to make it working, like this

portals.bridges.version=1.0 derby.version=

===== 22.12.2005 20:49 =====

Impossible is apparently yet possible still. I tried to install this jetspeed2 with maven at home just for the kicks and with few tries it did build.

===== 22.12.2005 16:25 =====

Finally I figured out how to import the Jetspeed portal to eclipse (at least in a way that I understand it). The steps were:

- Download [http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/portals/jetspeed-2/binaries/Jetspeed2.0-derby-install.jar|derby-database installer]] - Install it by entering command: java -jar Jetspeed2.0-derby-install.jar - Remove jetspeed.war from the weapps directory - Create Eclipse workspace and project - For windows - Make an Eclipse workspace into webapps directory - Create simple type project to Eclipse with named jetspeed - For linux - Create Eclipse workspace where everyou want - Create simple type project to Eclipse with any name you wish - Copy the contents of webapps/jetspeed to this newly created project folder - Remove webapps/jetspeed - Create a symbolic link to webapps folder named jetspeed from the project folder you created - Start tomcat from {jetspeed/install/folder}/bin/startup.sh/bat - Go to [http://localhost:8080/jetspeed|localhost:8080/jetspeed]]

It looks more complex for linux, but in this way you can have the workspace there where you have the other Eclipse projects as well.

It would still be great to be able to use the Maven thingy to create this all. It is just too damn complicated for me. Help me anyone =)

===== 22.12.2005 14:42 =====

This day I have mostly been trying to get the Jetspeed and the sample portlets to Eclipse. It might be so that now got it. Also I tried to get the Jetspeed portal working with the mysql db. The installer went fine, but so far I havent been able to get the actual portal running. That is with mysql database. With Derby database it works fine.

===== 19.12.2005 13:36 =====

Okay.. Now got to feel stupid. If the source/maven installer fails, used bloody INSTALLER provided by the Jetspeed project itself. You can laugh now.. LOL

After two tries I got it up and running.. hooray..

===== 19.12.2005 12:36 =====

It failed...

===== 19.12.2005 12:28 =====

Today I have been mostly trying to get this Jetspeed [portal]] up and running. Now it looks like it does something. At least it is still compiling and havent given any error messages ;). I found a page which has [http://raibledesigns.com/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=InstallJetspeed|Jetspeed installation instructions]]. If those ones (the second ones I have tried) does not work, I'll try these. Damn these new things.

===== 16.12.2005 20:35 =====

Home after long meeting (well I left bit earlier and have been some time now home). We discussed about the new approach to this platform thing first by Kari nad me and them with whole bunch. I presented this new idea about reduce the [OPS]] to be a one framework among others to create [portlet]]s. Other techniques could be [http://java.sun.com/j2ee/javaserverfaces|JSF]], [http://www.php.net|PHP]] and basically anything that can be embedded to html.

TODO: Fill in the rest (while you (meaning I) still remember the stuff)

===== 16.12.2005 10:04 =====

Another meeting today, actually to meetings, one with Kari about the thesis and another with also the rest of the "gang" about current situation of the projects and for user scenarios. And I should show somekind of a demonstration about the orbeon, still not quite sure what I'm going to show. And the pic should be ready also today!.. Well it is quite so.

===== 12.12.2005 =====

* More checking the examples from Orbeon * Stipping the Orbeon examples to make a simple portal/portlet (still working on it =))

===== 09.12.2005 =====

* Checking the examples from Orbeon * Tried to put the examples on different servers like JOnAS, JBoss, Geronimo and only on Geronimo I succeeded (like of servers of lack of me =))

===== 05.12.2005 =====

===== 02.12.2005 =====

* Lab meeting * We presented the new pictures and ideas * OPS is gaining more ground

===== 28.11.2005 =====

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