A research case is a case closely followed by one or more pedagogical partners, aimed to answer one or more clearly defined research questions (Minna 16.1.08: at least case studies and design experiments are not for that), to inform the development of theories and pedagogical scenarios, and/or to test the pedagogical usability of the tools. Research cases can be explorative, descriptive or inferential in nature. Methods include, but are not limited to, case studies or design-experiments. (Minna 16.1.08: I would rather use the term design-based research, it is broader and sounds more appropriate; see Wang & Hannafin, 2005)

see also: extended pilot, usability trial.

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- I agree with Minna, that it is a little tricky to speak of clearly defined research question and then refer to case studies and design-experiments. Nevertheless, at least for me research cases are characterized at least, let's say, "a clearly defined research interest". Would that phrase be better? - I agree, design-based research might be better, even though there is also quite heavy discussion about that term.

--ChristophRichter, 16-Jan-2008

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