Note: Software seems to have changed since the review made by: Dion Hinchcliffe on his blog. It is no longer referred to as "Ratchet-X Studio" (the link in the review is no longer valid), but rather Ratchetsoft-X.

How well the tool adheres to the following mashup principles:

  1. Online software that takes minutes or hours to create instead of days and weeks.
    • The software works on the desktop and allow for the integration of different data-sources/applications quite easily. Icons appear in the browser title bar that, when clicked, will give list of possible tools to integrate with. This list is based upon the user's creation of an "Appspace" that is linked to a "Plug-in" via the Ratchet-X Commander. This framework allows for communication between applications, webservices, data sources, etc and the current window-based application or browser-based application.
  2. End-user guided assembly in the browser.
    • They use what they call "Appspaces" that are defined by the user. Ratchet-X defines appspaces as "metadata that describes application screens" and are in XML-format. Appspaces are constructed using the Appspace Editor.
    • A plug-in is defined as performing functions being added to application. They are built in the language of choice and integrated with the framework via the Ratchet-X SDK. Plug-ins are what link the Commander to the External Services such as SOAP/WSDL/REST/Other(database, APIs, forms, websites)
  3. Sharing via simple URL.
    • must use the framework and create plug-ins to link the external services.
  4. Leverages the global SOA: Is open to all external sources of behaviour and data, e.g. Web Services and other Web apis.
    • yes.
  5. Visually configured or scripted "glue" to connect widgets and DIVs together.
    • use of plug-ins as "glue"
  6. Is secure, safe, and reliable.
  7. nothing specific in info
  8. What kind of user management it provides?
    • ?
  9. Is it mature enough to be used in our project? Examples, of where this tool has been used before.
    • Seems to be mature, but have not seen examples yet.
  10. Is it open source?
    • no.

Web 2.0
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