Prototype is a compact and efficient javascript library. It is very widely used, not only for being utilized heavily by Ruby On Rails developers. Like the Ruby Wiki says, "Prototype's development is driven by Rails, but it can be used independently". The documentation is nice with good code examples (for example in Prototype is more straightforward in taking into use, at least when comparing to Dojo. The base file in its latest release is only around 20k, which is not bad at all for size. Prototype doesn't provide the typical graphical effects, but it has a nice library built upon it called Scriptaculous that can handle all the fancy glitter one might be looking for.


- small and stable
- straightforward, intuitive
- support from the growing Rails community
- open source


- namespacing issues / conflicts possible with other libraries (I guess this is more of a note to take for the developer using any js-libraries, rather than for the makers of them…)

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