How well the tool adheres to the following mashup principles:

  1. Online software that takes minutes or hours to create instead of days and weeks.
    • This software seems to be geared toward a very tight business model.
    • Task-oriented
    • Difficult to get any info out of the demo since it was not flexible and seemed to push a specific type of user, i.e. businesses
    • End-user guided assembly in the browser.
    • No evidence of this type of activity on their site.
    • Seemed to necessitate a live demo by the marketing rep.
  2. Sharing via simple URL.
    • Could not find evidence of this, still a bit fuzzy from info on their site
  3. Leverages the global SOA: Is open to all external sources of behaviour and data, e.g. Web Services and other Web apis.
    • Claims this, but no real evidence on their site.
    • Have not found any reviews, other than the zdnet blog's comments: "Also, delivery of applications based on Procession’s products seems to be primarily Flash-based, likely making second order assembly and remixing scenarios less likely, though the processes developed do become open Web services based on SOAP. It’s clear that Procession’s products are firmly grounded in the right ideas and if Procession can make the product go more with the "grain" of the Web, it could be a real contender in the enterprise mashup space. Also, surprisingly, like a lot of the enterprise mashup tools, Procession has no SaaS version or easily downloaded trial to enable grass roots adoption, something that may hinder the ultimate success of many of these tools."
  4. Visually configured or scripted "glue" to connect widgets and DIVs together.
    • No evidence.
  5. Is secure, safe, and reliable.
    • Assumption = yes, since used big banking, etc
  6. What kind of user management it provides?
    • ?
  7. Is it mature enough to be used in our project? Examples, of where this tool has been used before. * Mature enough * Has many big business clients such as Bank of Scotland, etc * I am not sure if this is something we would be looking at to use in our project.
  8. Is it open source?
    • no.

Web 2.0
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