Picasa Web Albums Data API

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Link: http://code.google.com/apis/picasaweb/gdata.html
The Picasa Web Albums data API allows client applications to view and update Picasa Web Albums content in the form of Google data API ("GData") feeds. Your client application can request a list of a user's albums, photos, comments, or tags, edit or delete content in an existing entry, and query the content in an existing entry. How well the tool adheres to the following mash up principles:

Pre requirements for developers:

Understanding of the general ideas behind the Google data APIs protocol, knowledge how to program in Java.

Based on Technologies:

Google data API ("GData") feeds

API Functionality:

  • Interacting with Picasa Web Albums:
    • Choose a feed type
    • Request a list of albums manually
    • Request a list of albums using the client library
    • Request a list of photos
    • If you're writing an installed (desktop) client:
      • Add an album manually
      • Add an album using the client library
    • If you're writing a web application client:
      • Add an album manually
      • Add an album using the client library
    • Post a new photo
    • Send a query
    • Update a photo
    • Delete a photo
    • Insert and delete tags and comments

User’s Functionality:

  • Include your public photos in your own web page, and allow users to comment on them (and have the comments stored in Picasa Web Albums).
  • Write a plugin to manage your albums and photos from a desktop or mobile phone client.
  • Create a custom screensaver to display your Picasa Web Albums photos on your computer.

Browser Compatibility:

Is it open source?

You need to have an account on Picasa Web Albums. Google data APIs protocol
Using the Java Client Library
Google APIs
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