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You can find my description in the official KP-Lab web site. By the way, I’m one of the admin there ;o]

As you can imagine, I’ll also administrate most of this wiki, so if you want to complain, edit this page and add your comments!

Hi Patrick, do you know how I may set a preference about the wiki editor? I would like to have it text-based by default when I connect myself to the wiki. Once I've chosen it, and all my session long, it's OK, but as soon as I have to log-in again, I loose this setting.
> good question... The default editor is the Wiki Wizad; so it why it come first after you loggin; but I don't know if you can change it in your preferences.
>> OK, don't bother too much about that, I'm now used to switch the editor :)
>> The MyPrefs page seems to have no options available for me when I'm authenticated. Only the profile tab seems to contain editable values.

Another question about login: would it be possible to have the session duration set a bit longer? Sometimes I'm automatically logged out after less than about half a day :)
> I reset session time to 5 hours.
>> Great! Thanks a lot for your help.
>>-- Alno

Best regards, -- Alno

Hello Patrick,

I've just come across this project and it is very interesting.

My colleagues are working on very similar stuff using Zope 3. It'd be great if we could collaborate.

Please e-mail me on josef AT uniteddiversity.com so I can send you some ideas about our plans and introduce you to the team.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,


--JosefDaviesCoates, 21-Dec-2007

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