The following table is a selection of courses / trials that were mentioned to use the Shared Space in spring and fall 2008. Thanks to Minna and Merja for collecting and selecting. By reason of the late Shared Space launch, it is not sure if all spring courses / trials really use Shared Space. To go ahead please check if the courses / trials are still valid.

Green = already checked

WPOrg.Spring 08Fall 08
WP8FH-OÖ* Project eModeration, students: 34, teacher: 1; March-July 08
* Usability Engineering, students: 34, teacher: 1; March-July 08
Mediaproduction and e-Publishing, students: 34, teacher 1-2; Oct.08-Jan.09
WP8 EvtekMultimedia Project, students: 26, teachers: 2; 10.3.08-about 10.6.08Metropolia Media design and integration, Sept.08-Jan.09 OPEN
WP8 UUBachelor Thesis, students: ~10-15, teachers: 2; small scale trial. aim: testing improved tools, usability in contextUnic-student learning, students: 75, 13 followed intensively, teachers: 4
WP8 Unine*Music, students: 30, pupils: 216 (11-12 years old), teachers: 7
* E-Portfolios, students: ?, teachers: 1
* Collaborative writing, students: ?, teachers: 1
WP8 UHOn and off seminar* Teacher education internship, students: 9+7, teachers: 1; some testing of tools
* Semiotic methodology, students 10-20, teacher: 1, 1st week of Nov.-end of Dec.
WP9 UUUnic - teachers, students: 75, teachers: 4-6; feb-april, aim: testing and eval. SSP, testing and eval. semantic multimedia annotation application
WP9 ELTE Visualisation case, students: 15, researchers: 2, lecturers: 2, Phd students: 2, Eval. SSP for collaborative developmental work on educational project
WP9 HUJI * Cross-boundary, students: 20, teachers: 5, research stuff: 1, Oct.-?
* KP-Lab's Community of teachers, teachers: 30, trainers: 3, research stuff: 2, Skeria: 10-15 teachers, UU: 4(+) teachers, Septenber-?
WP10 UiO Ullern School Development Projects; Mediating tools in teachers' professional development and institutional change, principal: 1, team leaders: 4-6, march08

Networking and Community Building (NWCB) WK

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