Change Requests for M36 Ontologies

This page gathers change requests for ontologies for M36.


  • M36 TLO release has to manage Scorm Ims Packages. For this reason we have suggested to add (see attached pprj and owl files) a new subclass of the ContentItem class, named IMSScormContentItem, which has the same properties as its superclass and is identical to UploadableContentItem and ExternalContentItem classes.
  • TUK suggest to add new class into TLO which relates to ToDo tool. Class is called TodoItem, is subclass of OOA, and has following properties: dateDue - dateTime; state - string and boundTo - TLO#Task. Currently, this definition is in separate ontology, called (see dev SWKM server)
    AKKA: we support this change; tasks generated by Map-It will also be instances of TodoItem; there are indeed ToDOs / Action points (while mapit#AgendaItem subclass of TLO#Task)
    Patrick: is "dueDate" better word?
    Jozef: I don't know which one is correct, but we are OK with both alternatives
  • AKKA: we need two modifications/additions to the TLO for the needs of the new tools of the M36. These suggestions are the following:
    We need to keep track of an account information, part of the user preferences. This will be needed for the Calendar Tool for example.
    We suggest the use of a new property for the tlo:Individual, called "hasExternalAccount", towards the class foaf:OnlineAccount, that has two properties: accountName (ex: ""), and the accountServiceHomepage (ex: "").

    We need to keep a reference on a collaborative document, as created with the RTCDE tool. For this we suggest to subclass ContentItem, and create a class called RTCollaborativeContentItem. a new property will be defined for this class:
RTCollaborativeContentItem -> hasKPEContent -> UploadableContentItem

For each type of collaborative external content repository export that we want to have, a new subclass of this class will be created. M36: GoogleDocs subclass.

  • TUS: We would like to add the following classes:
    • subclasses of TLO:ContentItem
      - VisualModel
      - VisualModellingLanguage
      - VML_Concept
    • subclasses of TLO:Relationship
      - VML_Relation
    • New property for tlo:Individual
      - contacts (that points to tlo:Individual)

Shared Space Ontology (

  • The GraphElement and its subclass (Node and Edge) have to be removed from the Ontology.

Role and Action Ontology (

The changes in the ROAC won't be in M36 (This is postponed to much later (M48?)).

  • We have to keep the Role class into the model. There are case where they want to created customized Roles (e.g. "chair", "assistant", "secretary", etc.) which will have a real semantic meaning.
    AKKA: roles in meetings are being introduced in meetings and "secretary" is one of the examples.
    Patrick: I think we should not create new subclasses of Role (there will be too much); but instead having a "roleType" property. Another alternative can be to create a "role vocabulary" and then the roles will get their type based on the hasSemanticTag property. (to be discuss).
  • We will come back to the "security system" with a separate database to store the security part we introduce in the ROAC (mostly the Action (and its subclass)).
    AKKA: typically called ACL management (Access Control Lists)?
    Patrick: I think it's more like a role-based access control (RBAC).

Change Laboratory Application Ontology (

See class diagram at:

  • Following sub-classes will be removed:
    • CLContentItem along with property (sub-class of TLO#ContentItem)
    • CLObjectOfActivity (sub-class of TLO#ObjectOfActivity)
    • CLModel (sub-class of CL#CLContentItem)
  • Following classes will be added to CL application ontology
    • CLCycleOfExpansiveLearning
    • CLCycleOfExpansiveLearningPhase
    • CLCycleOfExpansiveLearningModel
  • Following property will extend the CLSpace class
    • hasCEL : CLCycleOfExpansiveLearning

Map-It Applicaiton Ontology (

In our attempt to simplify the MapIt ontology, we decided to delete the MapitAgent class, subclass of tlo:Individual. The two properties "city" and "country" of the MapitAgent will not be used anymore, and thus we can just rely on the tlo:Individual.


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