"The notion of non-functional requirements (NFRs) is borrowed from software engineering (...) NFRs are equated with the general or overall quality attributes of a business process (...) According to Kotonya and Sommerville non-functional requirements can be defined (from the system point of view) as restrictions or constraints placed on a system service ."
"Non-functional requirements (NFRs), sometimes termed quality, or quality of service, attributes or requirements, have been a topic of interest within systems engineering, software engineering, and requirements engineering. NFRs are those general qualities of a software (or other engineered) system, such as reliability, performance, or scalability, which refer to the system as a wholerather than to speciWc functional capabilities."
ref.: F. Aburub et al., Modelling non-functional requirements of business processes, Inform. Softw. Technol. (2007), doi:10.1016/j.infsof.2006.12.002

"NFRs describe constraints on the solution space, and capture a broad spectrum of properties such as reliability, portability,maintainability, usability, safety, and security."
Ref.: Sommerville, I., and Sawyer, P., "Viewpoints: Principles, Problems, and a Practical Approach to Requirements Eng.,Annals of Software Eng., 3, N. Mead, ed., (1997), 101-130.

"Goal modeling primarily occurs during the elicitation, specification, and architectural design of the system. It is during this phase that non-functional goals are initially modeled as softgoals, decomposed into operationalizations, and negotiated and agreed upon between various stakeholders." (page 363)
Cleland-Huang, J., Settimi, R., BenKhadra, O., Berezhanskaya, E., Christina, S. Goal-Centric Traceability for Managing Non-Functional Requirements.ICSE’05, May 15–21, 2005, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Copyright 2004 ACM.

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