Manager is a special kind of access rights role that is always linked to a specific shared space.

Managers of a shared space have total access rights to it, so that they can edit its settings and delete it. When a user creates a shared space, this user is its manager by default and can assign other members of that space to also be its managers.

Disambiguation: in the Initiation_Setting Group Roles To Shared Space Members, there is a manager role. In this case, I think that another word for “role” can be something like “title”.
In the point of view of the system, this “manager role” is an attribute of the user; the “real” manager (“administrator”) of the shared space can maybe be another person.
My confusion was in-between “group role” (that doesn’t affect the access rights, but makes members of the group agree who do what) and “access rights role” (which affect the shared space administration).

-- Patrick Ausderau

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