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Product name and version: Shared Space tools: M36 Semantic Search
Organisers of the test: Héctor G. Suero , Gerald Mwaura (Media Engineering students)
Date of the test: 13.10.2008
Date of the report:14.10.2008
Editor:Héctor G. Suero ,Gerald Mwaura

Method 1: Paper prototyping
Number and type of participants: 5 Media Engineering students

Executive Summary

This report presents a paper prototype usability test on different parts of the semantic search M 32 version. The main purpose of the test was to find out how efficient and convenient the tool was for use. In the test, five users who were metropolia students were tested.The users performed predefined tasks while thinking aloud. In addition, while performing the test the users filled in a questionnaire. Before the test ,some of the users had never used the Shared Space Application, therefore, they had little knowledge about the application while others had a better understanding and knowledge of the shared space application.

Main results of the study:

  • The layout was user-friendly and very usable though some test subjects complained about the lack of colours.
  • The tool was a bit cumbersome to novice users.
  • The facets could be rearranged to make more sense.
  • Some of the facet naming was a bit misleading.

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