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Product name and version: M32 Process View
Organisers of the test: Senay Haile, Jouni Leino, Mika Muhonen, Tuomas Oja, Niklas Sluijter
Date of the test: 07.10.2008
Date of the report:11.10.2008
Editor:Senay Haile, Jouni Leino, Mika Muhonen, Tuomas Oja, Niklas Sluijter
Contacts:Senay Haile, Jouni Leino, Mika Muhonen, Tuomas Oja, Niklas Sluijter

Executive Summary

This report presents a paper prototype usability test on different parts of the process view M 32 version. The main purpose of the evaluation was to test if planned features are efficient and convenient to use.In the test, the users (Metropolia students)performed predefined tasks while thinking aloud. Three users were tested individually. In addition, while performing the test the users filled in a questionnaire. The test situation was also recorded.With the process view the tested parts were drag and drop metaphor, date visibility, progress, zoom free/preset, selection and other issues. The users had used the Shared Space Application before the test, therefore, they had some basic knowledge about the application.

Main results of the study:

The results in the reports were formulated based on the notes the students took while executing the test.
  • Drag and drop was used for modifying task dates, but not for creating a task.
  • Dates mostly viewed by hovering mouse over the task
  • Progress indication was found useful
  • For zoom, users prefered the magnifying glass
  • Users would like selection to be indicated by hilighting and bolding the task name

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