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Product name and version: Shared Space tools Process View M24 improvements
Organisers of the test: Ari Nurkkala, Jonnah Saruni, Juha-Pekka Yliselä
Date of the test: 30.09.2008
Date of the report:07.10.2008
Editor:Ari Nurkkala, Jonnah Saruni, Juha-Pekka Yliselä
Contacts:Ari Nurkkala

Method: Paper mockups user testing
Number and type of participants: Two media engineering students
Tasks (if task are used): Add a task, Add a milestone, Modify a task, Delete a task, Adjust the date, Zoom

Executive Summary

This report presents a paper prototype usability test on the process view improvements to the M24 version of the Shared Space tools. The test users were students at Department of Media Engineering, in Metropolia University. The test objectives were: to determine the usability of the paper prototype Process View user interface introducing improvements into the previous version and testing the ideas of the various basic functions. The goal of the test is to get information about how users will react to different actions within process view. It can be assessed how the improvements meet the needs of the users.

Main results of the study:

The results in the reports were formulated based on the notes the students took while executing the test.
  • Both participants were quick to find appropriate paths for executing the desired commands. Only on one occasion (“Modify a task” / User 2), the desired end result was not reached with the first try. Several times the participants found two different and accurate options for executing the commands instantly.
  • Neither one of the participants recalled having used Process View before
  • Both participants gave positive feedback on the general feel of the user interface
  • One of the users said he expected a “more dynamic" timeline

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