This page is created for faster feedback to the Working Knot work as well as for WP2 work.

The power-users of the Tools (e.g."Instructors" or ourselves) report experiences and Suggestions as well as usability problems.

The Suggestions & Experiences (and usability) wiki page (this page) is scanned through in regular phases for experience reports and fed to the Working Knot Work, if relevant, these experiences are then integrated into the help-system also.

Thus, the idea is to list here experiences and suggestions of use and usability problems you encounter when using Tools.

Experience and ideas/suggestions of usage

  • MB: suggestion (04.04.2009): It would actually help the use of Google calendar and Google docs to have them as content items, or something like I made them as links so that they are easier accessed - the same goes for the ToDo it is short of funny that one has to always start as "Open ToDO" from the tools bar to have it visible. The ToDo should also be resible now it is really large and keeping along when working is hard - it covers too much other stuff..

Usability problems encountered

DateWhoWhat was doneCommentType of problem
xx.xx.2008initials Description what was done or was tried to doAny comments one wants to state Shortly what was the problem
04.04.2009MB Tried to save a TODO Item -...It does not save the ToDO items. When opened again the added ToDO item is gone.

Process of the loop back for now

Image of the feedback loop

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