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Product name and version: Visual Modelling Editor, Release v2.0
Organisers of the test: UH
Date of the test: 31.11., 5.12 and 14.12. 2008
Date of the report: 
Editor: Kari Kosonen
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Executive summary

Name the product: Visual Modelling Editor, Release v2.0
Purpose/objectives of the test: Diagnostic usability test
Method 1:Individual testing
Number and type of participants: 1
Method 2: Pair testing (two separate tests)
Number and type of participants:3, researchers
Method 3: Usability observations from a course
Number and type of participants:6, attendees of the course

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

The present testing process aimed at examining of the usability of the core functionalities of the Visual Modelling Editor. Two individual tests and one pair test were conducted according to the pre-defined task based procedure. Besides these tests usability observations were made on the end-users activities during the UH course “Qualitative methods seminar”.

The participants of three separate tests managed to use such basic functionalities of the tool as creating visual model, nodes and links, commenting nodes and links as well as creating links between a node of the created visual model and a content item of the SSp.
The tests however revealed various failures in updating mechanisms of the tool. In the first tests the participant were able to immediately see the modifications they had made on the created nodes. This did not hold for the last pair test where the modification was seen only after its creator had gone to the process view of the Ssp and returned to the visual model. In a similar vein, synchronisation between two users’ views on the same model was found not to work appropriately. The participants had to go to the process view or network view and again return back to the visual model to see each others’ modifications on the created nodes and comments. In opposite synchronisation worked properly with regard to created links in the pair tests.

Usability observations from the Qualitative methods seminar-course indicate that new end-users that are unfamiliar with the general logic of the KPE-functionalities tend to struggle particularly with creating links in visual models since they are required to pay attention to yellow colouring of the nodes instead exact orientation of the endings of link-arrows.

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