Product name and version: KPE Tailored View M32 stable version
Organisers of the test: UH
Date of the test: 24.11.2008
Date of the report: 
Editor: Satu Jalonen, Sami Paavola, & Minna Lakkala
Contact name(s): Sami Paavola

Purpose/objectives of the test: Diagnostic evaluation of tailored view
Method 1:Explorative analysis
Method 2: Diagnostic test
Number and type of participants: Six pedagogical researchers

Results in main points, e.g. bullet list

  • You cannot create a tailored view from the Edit menu when you first enter the shared space from the Network view because there are wrong commands belonging Network view in the Item menu. You have to visit Process view first in order to get the right commands available in the Content view’s Item menu.
  • It is very disturbing that the white space including a list of existing tailored views pops-up automatically always when you just move mouse on top of the Tailored View icon in the Content view and you always have to click somewhere in the screen to get rid of it.
  • The list of tailored views does not seem to be in any logical order (i.e. alphabetical) and if somebody else has created a tailored view, the name of the view is not directly visible in other user’s list.
  • It is not evident that you have to double click (so that it becomes high-lighted red) on an item to add it to a tailored view. If you click on an item once, it is highlighted yellow; when you double click on an item it is highlighted red. Adding an item is only possible if it is highlighted red (which is not evident for the user). Otherwise there emerges an error message, which actually is an empty dialog box with OK button; there should be some kind of message also.
  • If you add large number of content items and links to a tailored view, it should be possible to select them as a bunch (by cropping a certain area in the view) instead of clicking and selecting each item separately.
  • The user interface of the tailored view management window (or what is its name?) is not very intuitively understandable. First, the window should have some kind of title that explicates what the window is about. Then the buttons are arbitrarily put in the window; e.g. why is the Create new tailored view button alone in the top and others in bottom?
  • Participant tried to changed the name of a tailored view by 1) activating the tailored view name in the list; 2) when the title of the view appeared in the fields in the right, she changed the name of the view; then 3) pressed Update info button. The name of the view did not change. But then she noticed that if she also add a background image and then pressed Update info again, also the name of the tailored view changed in the view list. It should be possible to change only the title or a description of the view without adding a background image.
  • Then participant 1) chose one tailored view from the list in the window, 2) chose Delete selected tailored views, and 3) pressed Update info. Nothing changed and the deleted tailored view was still visible in the list. After she went back to the content view mode and back again to the management window, the name of the deleted view had disappeared from the list but there was an empty row instead.
  • If you add an identical link between two items in two different tailored views, the content view will have two identical links on top of each other. This is ok, but it should be visible (visually indicated somehow) that there are two links one upon the other.
  • The system stopped working and got stuck (“loading”) when participants tried to remove both a content item and a link from TV simultaneously.
  • The adding of images feels very complicated. First, the “Add background image” button is not very easily found in the Control panel under “Manage background images” menu.
  • When you click “Add background image” button, a window opens where there illogically is a title “Add content item” – why content item? Why not background image, because that was the command that the user chose. It is not understandable for users that background images are treated as content items.
  • A jpeg type file was chosen as a background image. When OK was pressed in the “Add content item” window, the new content item including the image emerged in the top left corner of the tailored view (and also the content view) which might be confusing because it was far away from other content items in the view and changed the zooming of the view.
  • After uploading the background image and opening one tailored view, the name of the background image was chosen from the Control panel (No background image -> Kaavio). Nothing seems to happen but then we realized to Zoom out and noticed that the background image had appeared in the centre of the tailored view area.
  • In the tailored view management window, there were two previously uploaded background images in the list “Select new background image”. The title of the new background image was visible now in the list (but the window did not show the thumbnail picture of a pmb image).
  • It was difficult to know what was supposed to do next in order to add a background image in some tailored view. The management window was opened from one tailored view but in the management list, all tailored views were listed and nothing indicated that one of the tailored views is now open and “chosen”.
  • The user needs to remember to press the “Update info” button before the image is really added in the selected tailored view. It is confusing for a user that it seems that the chosen image is added in the chosen view already when the image is chosen from the image list because it is shown in the upper area short of a part of info of the selected view. It seems like it is already added as a background image of the TV, although it is only “activated”.
  • There was no way to delete background images from the background image list in the management window and the images were still in the list although the content items related to those images were deleted from the tailored view.
  • Update info button was selected but nothing changed in the window and it did not close. Participants were confused what they should do now and whether the background image was added and where. And what command to use to close the window and how to go back to the tailored view that was open when they started. There was only the “Back to content view mode” command available but they did not know whether it leads to the open tailored view or the generic Content view. When choosing “Back …”, participants went back to the open tailored view but it looked like no background image was added in the background of the view. The Fit on screen command did not change anything. Only when participant figured out herself to change the zooming of the view, she realized that the background image was added in the center of the view hidden from the existing zooming. Something needs to be done to that; the interface should somehow show that the background image is there.
  • The background image emerged in the middle of the tailored view area although it was difficult to know because there was no hint about that in the user interface, and also the Fit screen –functionality did not show the image. When the view already includes quite a lot of stuff when the background image is added, the background image is not very useful because you cannot drag it to an new place or change the size, and it is not either yet possible to drag the whole content of the view into one place.
  • The system gave the following error message when trying to add a pmb file as a background image: “Served data unavailable. Could not load the requested data from the server. Please, try again, or contact the administrator”. If pmb type files are not accepted as background image files, the feedback should have come earlier when the use tries to upload that type of file with the “Add background image” command.

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