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Product name and version: M32 Real-Time Awareness
Organisers of the test: Mary Nyamor, Bryan Warambo, Dennis Miano, Joanita Muiruri
Date of the test: 13.10.2008
Date of the report:14.10.2008
Editor:Mary Nyamor, Bryan Warambo, Dennis Miano, Joanita Muiruri

Executive Summary

This report shows the results of the GUI-level usability evaluation of the M32 version of the Real-Time Awareness tool. The main purpose of the evaluation was to test the intuitiveness and general ease of use with real users. In the test, the users performed predefined tasks while thinking aloud. Two users were tested. In addition, the users filled in a pre-questionnaire and were interviewed after the tasks. Before the test , the users had used the Shared Space Application, therefore, they had knowledge about the application.

Main results of the study:

  • Users were able to respond to the notifications they got .e.g. when a content item was created, deleted or modified and they were able to notice each time there was a notification
  • Users were able to notice the hand icon when a content item was moved from one point to the other though the name of the person moving it could not be seen as it was also hidden behind the hand.
  • Users were able to change their status after much struggle of finding out that they had to look
  • They were able to see the availability status of the other member in the shared space he was within
  • Not much of concern was given to the session logs by the users as they were more concerned with the notifications they received.
  • Results were not as clear as the test had to be carried out differently on 2d and on mielikki which brought about vague results as some functions were present in others while others were absent.
  • The users were able to see the other activities of the other members in the session logs but this was only after they clicked all tabs out of curiosity
  • The users could were able to see the locking of shared spaces though the name of the of the person modifying the content item could not be seen as it was hidden behind the lock
  • Due to technical problems, loading took time and some of the tools could not work fully (e.g. not all actions could be seen in the session logs)
  • Users were not experts of the tool therefore a lot of help was offered to the users

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