Document type: KP-Lab internal document
Product name and version: M32 release of Tag Vocabulary editor
Organisers of the test: METROPOLIA
Date of the test: Early December and 10.01.2009
Date of the report:17.01.2009
Editor:Merja Bauters
Contacts:Merja Bauters
Purpose/objectives of the test: Field trial testing – testing in actual use
Method 1:Self-documenting
Number and type of participants: 1
Tasks (if task are used): Basic task: such as adding of vocabulary, adding, deleting, changing and organising tags

Executive Summary

The present testing process aimed at examining of the usability of the core functionalities of the Tag Vocabulary editor and how the integration with the tagging of content items works, i.e., when adding tags in Tag Vocabulary editor do these appear as suggestion when placing tags onto the content items and when adding (free) tags to content items are these available for organising and managing them in the Tag Vocabulary editor. Two self-document periods where executed: 1) early December setting up a vocabulary for the course of “Semiotiikan Metodologia” (Semiotic methodology) and 2) the tenth of January to continue the editing of the previously made vocabulary.

Main results:

  • The main functions of the Tag Vocabulary work. These functions are:
    • Adding, changing, deleting, and organising tags
    • Writing descriptions and saving the added vocabulary
    • The visual elements are clear, i.e., what to do and what they mean
    • It also looks like an easy tool to use
    • The tags added into the vocabulary are presented as suggestions when tagging a content item,
    • Hierarchical organisation of the tags in the Tag Vocabulary works


  • The user cannot write alternative tags
  • The tags users defined (free tags) for the content items do not appear in the right side of the Tag Vocabulary editor
  • The added vocabulary do not appear items in the “select vocabulary” drop down list of the form for tagging a content item
  • When using the Tag Vocabulary editor it should Not make the background (the use of the content view) inactive.

Other use problems:

  • The loading of the Tag Vocabulary editor was somewhat slow
  • Link descriptions were presented a suggestions when tagging a content item
  • The OK-button in the form of tagging content items keeps being inactive until the user changes something in the title or description
  • The tags are not displayed in the info tab when selecting a content item active
  • There are too many separate parts in the info tab, if there is a lot of information they do not fit into one screen. Suggestion: use less arrows, i.e., more information combined under one arrow (see

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