This page is created for faster feedback to the Working Knot work as well as for WP2 work.

The power-users of the Tools (e.g."Instructors" or ourselves) report experiences and Suggestions as well as usability problems.

The Suggestions & Experiences (and usability) wiki page (this page) is scanned through in regular phases for experience reports and fed to the Working Knot Work, if relevant, these experiences are then integrated into the help-system also.

Thus, the idea is to list here experiences and suggestions of use and usability problems you encounter when using Tools.

Experience and ideas of usage

Example of experience and suggestion from last spring (2008):
(Minna 16.5.08)experiments with SSp :
  • It would be good to have the “standard” copy-pasting functionalities work in SSp GUI. For instance, I wanted to copy the whole list of members in my ssp from the community view to email text but there was no possibility to do that.

Autumn 2008:
  • MB: suggestion (26.11.2008): It would be good to combine the information in the "info Tab" e.g., all the item related info: title, description, file size, assigned to, start and end dates, created, created by, tags etc., are under one "arrow" and who are present in the shared space under one arrow and recent changes under one arrow. Thus, the info tab would hold only 3 arrows.
  • ML: suggestion (3.12.2008): I know that it might be unrealistic to hope but when I arranged our deliverable work in a ssp, I wanted to have a possibility to draw simple lines or boxes around those items that belong to the same issue or "loosely" relate together. It would be really nice to be able to draw in the background of content view some simle graphics that helps visual structuring of the contents. Uploadable background images are sometimes useful but sometimes just drawing simple lines around relating issues would be very helpful. Another important possibility would be to change the color of the items so that related items can be marked with a same colour (but that requirement has probably been documented already before).
  • ML: suggestion (3.12.2008): For rearranging items in the content view it would be useful to be able to activate several items (and links between them) simultaneously (by clicking & clicking with ctrl or by rounding them with mouse) and moving the whole bunch of items from one place to another.
  • ML: suggestion (3.12.2008): I want to have a possibility to change the hierarchy of tasks and subtasks in the process view. It is typical that in the beginning of the process you do not exactly know what might be proper tasks and subtasks to define and what is their mutual hierarchy. The hierachical links in content view should also change automatically according to the change in process view (perhaps this requirement is documented already before?).
  • MB: Suggestion if not a bug (14.12.2008): The links created int he tailored view could be different than the one sin the content view. Just like the user can rearrange the items in the tailored view differently, s/he could also link them differently in the tailored view. This would allow the students to arrange same items in different way with different connections to each other depending on their subject that they investigate.

Spring 2009:

  • CR: Suggestion (26.01.2009): In order to ease the creation of links in content view, I would suggest that every node has a kind of anchor-point which can be clicked and dragged in order to create a link. An example of this mechansim can be found in the IMHC Cmap-tool.
  • ML: suggestion (2.2.2009): We have been planning a re-use library for ssp:s and templates that users want to share with each other. But it migh also be useful to have an Archive where users can put old shared spaces that you do not want to delete totally but are not used or active anymore (e.g. spaces of courses from previous years need not be visible anymore in the Network view but they are useful to save if you need the content later. Hopefully that way the Network view also becomes less messy. There could be some notification (send by email) for the creator of the ssp if the space is not used for a long time. In the notification there could be a suggestion to move the ssp in the Archive.

Usability problems encountered

DateWhoWhat was doneCommentType of problem
26.10.2008CR After logout, there is no direct way back to the login page. The page displayed after logout provides a link back to the network-view but not to the login page. When following the link t the network view, the user might think s/he is logged in but this is not the case, instead s/he has to go back to the login-page. Provide a direct link from the page displayed after logout to the login-page. The link back to the network-view should not be displayed. login-logout
26.10.2008CR The status of the “creator” in the Shared Space User Management is unclear. In the table on roles the “creator” of a Shared Space is marked as “member” even though s/he has obviously admin rights for the space s/he created. Mark the “creator” as “admin” instead of “member”.user management
3.12.2008ML Name info of users in the user management list is not good now. There are columns "Name" and "Last name" - why not "First name" and "Last name". In addition, now some persons have created two user names (they probably do not know that they have created one already last spring and that it exists). However, the table does not show the actual usernames so that the Name and Last name fields might be exactly same but there is no possibility to know which row relates to which usernameThe user management table should have columns "Username", "First name" and "Last name"user management
26.10.2008CR The meaning of the “red-highlighting” of nodes remains unclear, especially as multiple objects can be selected but only one can be manipulated at a time.The role of multi-selection should be rethought. While it is a useful mechanism to handle a selection of objects (e.g. moving, copying) it needs to be clear to the user whether such is possible or not.Network & content view
3.12.2008ML One very disturbing feature is that now in process and content view RED colour is used to indicate activation (“red-highlighting”). For decades it has been a standard principle in UI design that red colour is the colour for warnings. I have written about this before but doing it again because I think that it should be changed asapIndicate the selection of some object through some other colour than red; for instance darker gray (or ask some UI design expert).Process & content view
26.10.2008CR When clicking on or bending a link the arrow sometimes moves along the link (i.e. it does not stay at a fixed position of the link. In some cases the arrow even becomes hidden under the target element.The arrows should be visible all the time and it should be clear to the user whether the position of the arrow as any meaning.visual model editor
1.12.2008 EZ Adding a context-based chat to a content item in the content view. I think the following is more a bug than a usability problem, but I also want to add it here (I have already used the feedback form): When creating a context-based chat (e.g. right-click on a content item and select "chat"), the session log saves "adding a task" instead of "adding a chat". When cancelling this action, the session log says "canceled adding a task". Session log in content view
16.12.2008 ML Reviewing session log info about changes done in a sspThe session log information could be more detailed. It would be useful if there always was also information about what item (title) was the object of action or, e.g between what items was the link that was the object of action. If there is a lot of material in a ssp, general info about changing a link is not very informative or revealing. Session log in content view
19.1.2009 KK Creation of the task When you create a task in the procecc view, It does not turn out in the content view until you have gone to the network view returned back to the content viewSSP process view
19.1.2009 KK Milestones? The spots representing the tasks in the process view do note comprehensible enough signal their timeframe because the only dates referenced are displayed at the two ends of the ruler belowProcess view
19.1.2009 KK Modifying task It is eventually impossible to modify created task at least in the content view. Since an opportunity to browse various deadlines is crucial in projects, it would be nice to see starting and ending dates as meta-data while you are pointing tasskProcess view
19.1.2009 KK Creating a subtask When you create a subtask in the process view it tends to appear pretty far from the main task in the content view Process view
19.1.2009 KK Commenting editor Since ä and ö- letters are replaced with other signs in the editor, comments tend to be uncomprehensible when created in languages where these letters are used Commenting
22.1.2009KKAdding members to Ssp:sSSp user management system does not work and at least I'm not able to add new members to the SSp:s I have createdSSp user management

Thanks Kari for good suggestionss! Some of those are comming with the improvements see:

Process of the loop back for now

Image of the feedback loop

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