List of actions could be logged from SSGUI:

bold italic text means that those actions are logging already from the GUI

  • delete a node
  • add a task
  • modify a task
  • add a content item
  • modify a content item
  • modify a visual model element
  • add an organizer
  • modify an organizer
  • add a link
  • modify a link
  • delete a link
  • create a comment
  • delete a comment
  • add a shared space
  • modify a shared space
  • update coordinates
  • add a semantic tag
  • remove a semantic tag
  • set status
  • add a milestone
  • modify a milestone
  • delete a milestone
  • move task
  • move task up
  • move task down
  • add tailored view
  • delete a tailored view
  • add items to tailored view
  • remove from tailored view
  • modify tailored view
  • get shared space network
  • get vocabularies with terms
  • get all members of a shared space
  • get a metadata field for all objects of a specific type in a view
  • get all items for a view
  • get GANTT items for shared space
  • get comments for item
  • get comment thread
  • get all item metadata
  • get link vocabulary for shared space
  • get domain vocabulary for shared space
  • get link description
  • get link descriptions for a view
  • get link descriptions for a shared space
  • get content item description
  • get vme vertex properties
  • get vme edge properties

Dear all, The list of actions you are going to log looks quite impressive and indeed will be quite useful also for research purposed.

There is only one thing I started to wonder about and this is what kind of information will be stored when a user adds a link. Does every link have its own ID or will you also store the IDs of the items that are connected by this link. I ask as in some cases it might be interesting to reconstruct the evolution of the network structure as part of the overall activities. For this reason such kind of information would be quite interesting.

best regards, Christoph

--ChristophRichter, 18-Nov-2008

Here ( is the web interface that provides look into actual status of awareness repository and you can see that link and relevant actions with are stored as one event with properties as some other types of stored objects.

--FrantisekBabic, 18-Nov-2008

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