VME Usability Report FH-OOE 01-2008

Document type: KP-Lab internal document

Product name and version: Visual Model Editor, M28 Prototpye 

Organisers of the test: Torsten Holmer
Date of the test: 04.08.2008
Date of the report: 04.08.2008
Contacts: Torsten Holmer
Emails: Torsten.Holmer@fh-hagenberg.at

Executive Summary

This report shows the results of the usability evaluation of the Visual Model Editor Prototype. The purpose of the study was to get first insights in usability problems in order to have formative information on which a re-design for the first release of the application can be founded. The study is based on a heuristic evaluation by a usability expert who used the application for some standard tasks (creating rich pictures, linking objects, working with layers).
The main results of the study are problems and suggestions in several areas: SSP, VME, objects and links:
  • missing functionalities (e.g. copying of objects)
  • complex and inconvenient dialogues
  • minor bugs (redraw problems, empty titles)
  • speed problems
In general, the prototype is in a status where the idea of the tool (cooperative visual modelling) can be tested but users will not be very satisfied. The basic functionality is ready for the VM proof of concept, but we don’t recommend giving the application in its current state to normal users.

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