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Product name and version: Tag Vocabulary Editor and Tailored View, paper mock-up test and M28
Organisers of the test: Metropolia, Mary Nyamor, Oskari Harhakoski
Date of the test: June 2008 – Oct 2008
Date of the report: 19.01.2009
Editor: Oskari Harhakoski
Contacts: Merja Bauters
Purpose/objectives of the test: Usability evaluation
Method1:Paper mock-up and user test
Number and type of participants: 1
Tasks (if task are used):See appendix in attatchment

Executive Summary

This report gives an overview of a usability test carried out using the vocabulary editor and the Tailored View (implemented in M28 release of the Shared Space tools on development (Mielikki) and production (2d) version. Since neither the Tailored View or the Vocabulary Editor on worked properly at the time of the evaluation, it was decided that the participants use them on in case of problems.The objectives of the test were to find out how the users are able to use the Tailored View and Vocabulary Editor functionalities.

The test results are not fully reliable as there were technical problems with the tool at the time of test. All in all, the evaluation took about 1 hour and has been carried out 2 times with one person per test. Both the participants were students at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and they did not have knowledge of the Shared Space tools.

Two methods were used to test the tool. The first participant who was tested using paper prototypes The second test was done using the development (mielikki) and production (2d) version of the tool. The methods also included pre- and post-questionnaires as well as observations made by the instructor. place the tool would become simpler.

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