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Product name and version: M28 Expert Evaluation on Semantic Multimedia Annotation Tool
Organisers of the test: Mary Nyamor
Date of the test: 0.07.2008
Date of the report:25.08.2008
Editor:Mary Nyamor
Contacts:Mary Nyamor

Executive Summary

The report is a heuristic evaluation that was done as a part of an Expert evaluation in EVTEK University of Applied Sciences. The evaluations was executed by one of the experts This report presents a summary of the expert evaluation and testing that was executed in KP-Lab during the summer 2008. The report includes an evaluation of the Semantic Multimedia Annotation tool (SMAT) which was carried out in EVTEK University of Applied Sciences.

The testing derived results and preliminary suggestions on improvements. The report concentrates mainly on the usability problems. The test user of the test was Mary Nyamor; a student in Department of Media Engineering, studying at EVTEK University. Before the expert evaluation she had been using Shared Space Application herself, therefore, she had deeper knowledge on the purpose and possible domain usages of the application, as well as, about the date of start of the release.

The document mainly points out the problems that have been encountered as well as the functionality of the Semantic Multimedia Annotation tool.

Main results of the study:

The results in the reports were formulated based on the notes the students took while executing the evaluation. The results are presented according to the KP-Lab heuristic points.
  • Visibility of system status
  • lack of complete user control
  • Match between system and the real world
  • Help and Feedback

Test revealed couple usability problems:

  • File upload is confusing; tool does not show that file is uploaded. (Cannot drag to play.)
  • Tool does not allow recovery from unwanted states (e.g. stopping file upload).
  • Creating new user is not logical and natural.
  • There is no e.g. mouse over description to user what certain component does (e.g. connect button stayed disabled throughout testing, mouse over description would enable users to know what the button is for).

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