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Product name and version: M28 Proto
Organisers of the test: Mary Nyamor
Date of the test: 10.07.2008
Date of the report:25.08.2008
Editor:Mary Nyamor
Contacts:Mary Nyamor

Executive Summary

This report presents an expert evaluation on the Shared Space Application release M 24 (stable) using Nielsen’s heuristics. The actual procedure of the evaluation is unknown. The test users are students (Mary Nyamor, Oskari Harhakoski), at Department of Media Engineering, in EVTEK University. Before the expert evaluation she had been using Shared Space Application her self, therefore, she had deeper knowledge on the purpose and possible domain usages of the application, as well as, about the state of start of the release.

Main results of the study:

The results in the reports were formulated based on the notes taken while executing the evaluation. The results are presented according to the KP-Lab heuristic points.
  • Visibility of system status
  • lack of consitency
  • Match between system and the real world

Test revealed few usability problems:

  • Consistency problems:
    • Tool does not save new contacts.
    • Names are not sorted properly.
    • “Modify aganda item” – window does not fully follow graphical guidelines.
  • Notifications are confusing and inaccurate.
  • System speaks language, which does not follow real-world conventions.

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