Document type: KP-Lab internal document
Product name and version: Chat, prototype test
Organisers of the test: Metropolia, Mary Nyamor, Oskari Harhakoski
Date of the test: June 2008 – Oct 2008
Date of the report: 23.01.2009
Editor: Oskari Harhakoski
Contacts: Merja Bauters
Purpose/objectives of the test: Usability evaluation
Method1:Expert evaluation, systematic feature test
Number and type of participants: 2 simultaneous testers
Tasks (if task are used):All functionality aparent to testers was tested

Executive Summary

This report gives an overview of an expert evaluation carried out with the prototype version of the KP-Lab Shared Space Chat. ( , 22.7.2008)

The test was an expert evaluation conducted by Oskari Harhakoski and Mary Nyamor. Neither tester had previously used KP-Lab Shared Space Chat. The tool was used by both testers simultaneously while systematically going through the functionality. Found problems were noted and are listed below. Spoken communication was also used during testing.

The tool worked, but had a few small problems that should be ironed out before release.

  • Chat participants are not always listed
  • Font changes abruptly
  • Multiples of the same user

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