Usability report: Shared Space Test March 11 - April 1 2008

Document type: KP-Lab internal document
Product name and version: Shared Space, Second prototype
Organisers of the test: Crina Damsa and Jerry Andriessen
Date of the test: March 11 - April 1 2008
Date of the report: 11 April 2008
Editor: Crina Damsa
Contact name(s): Crina Damsa;

1. Executive Summary

This report gives an overview of a test that was conducted at UU, using the second release of the Shared Space Application. Five research master students used the tool for conducting a collaborative (writing) learning task. The participants of the test were acquainted on recent technological advancement especially in the learning environment area. The two main objectives of this test were: to test the basic functionalities of the second release Shared Spac; to find out to which extent the Shared Space Application provides support, and what type of support, for collaborative leanring tasks.
The product was the second prototype of the Shared Space Application, the production version ( methods used involved methods which we can allot to the interaction design level usability testing. They involved a user test in real settings, a partial user survey and an evaluation with the participants after the test.

1.1 The results can be summarised as:

The Shared Space Application did not function optimally at the time of the test. Some of the functionalities worked properly, other did not. Considering the stage of development of the tool it was expectable that the tool will not provide fully support for the collaborative, but also some of the functionalities that were presented as working were not always functional. The prevailing problems regarded the loading speed, the creation of content items, tasks and links and the fact that created items could not be opened. This problem reduced the intensity of collaboration and work within the shared space. The tool was found attractive and interesting and it is expected that, when fully functional, to provide powerful support for collaborative learning and work. Especially the hybrid view/setting was considered as the specific characteristic of this tool.

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