M24 Shared Space Management Service

Build instructions

  1. Checkout the Shared Space Management Service project form the subversion repository: http://trac.kp-lab.org/browser/wp6/SSManagement/branches/2d/KBlabSSGUIManagerWS_m24/.
  2. Run the build.xml with ant.

Deployment instruction


  • Shared Space Management Service contains 3 clients of remote web services. To make those services working from a local computer it is necessary to delete them and create again using .wsdl file from local server. The platform services must be running.
  • The Knowledge Browser Service must run on the same server as the services listed in the M24 Shared Space Tools Installation page.
  • It has been tested on apache tomcat 5.5 as well as GlassFish - V2 UR1.


  1. Deploy the war file generated from the build instruction (e.g. using your server admin interface).
  2. To check if the service is deployed, see if the web service description is visible at http://your-server-url/KBlabSSGUIManagerWS/KBlabSSGUIManagerWS?wsdl

M24 Shared Space Tools Installation

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