Usability report: Development phase wiki testing on December 2007

Product name and version: Mediawiki development phase
Organisers of the test: Merja Bauters
Date of the test: 4th and 5th of December 2007
Date of the report:18 December 2007
Editor:Merja Bauters
Contact name(s): Merja Bauters;

This report gives a brief over view of a test that was executed in EVTEK using development phase Mediawiki implementation. Ten persons went through the basic functions that had been implemented. The purpose of the test was twofold; first to test if end-users would find the default settings confusing in similar parts that was anticipated, i.e. to see if the development ideas were going into right direction and to see if the basic functions were executable; second to get at least some preliminary ideas directly from the end-users to work further with the development.
Methods of the test were restricted use in controlled situation and discussion while going through loosely defined tasks. The end-users went through the tasks in pairs, discussing of what to do. One member of the pair was interacting with the interface and the other taking notes. The users were also advised to point out all the icons, terms, and structures used in the wiki that they found odd of confusing.

The results can be summarised as:

  • Most of the icons in Media wiki were understood, but terms used in the tabs and navigation created wondering
  • Creating an account and page as well as editing and linking pages was found fairly easy
  • Discussion term in a tab and commenting were found to be confusing and commenting was hard to do
  • Permissions of different kind did not make sense to any end-user
  • Creating categories and annotating the pages according to the created categories was found interesting and the description of the categories are, how to create them, annotate by them, etc was read and discussed a lot even in deeper level than the task asked for, but one hour and half was not enough to try to use it. When this part comes into the design special care has to be taken to describe it, make it easier than it is at the moment in Mediawiki extension ( as well as extensive and well structured help pages are needed
  • In general help pages were searched for and it seemed that at least media engineering students appreciate FAQ pages and help pages highly and do use them

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