Usability Report: Shared space application (M 24): usability related issues

Document type: KP-Lab internal document

Product name and version: M 24 release of Shared Space Application (stable)

Organisers of the test: Satu Jalonen – the interviews; Merja Bauters – the pre-and post-questionnaires
Date of the test: 14th of May 2008
Date of the report: 18th of June 2008 edited with questionnaires 29th of June 2008
Contacts: Satu Jalonen and Merja Bauters

Executive Summary

This document reports the results from the pre-and post-questionnaires that where delivered to the media engineering students at EVTEK University of Applied Sciences during Spring 2008 in the course called Term project: Multimedia product. In addition, this document also presents the usability related issues, which emerged during a research interview in May 2008. Interviewees were 2 engineering students who used SSpA (KPE) in a collaborative design course i.e., the same course that the pre- and post-questionnaires were given to. Screenshots of the students’ shared spaces’ process and content views were used as a stimulus for the interview. Usability-related issues were collected and organized from the videotaped interviews after the interviews took place. Participants did not actually operate SSpA during the interview.The interviews were conducted on 14th May, 2008. The research results of the pedagogical research on this case will be documented by WP8. A link to the research report will be placed here when available. The validity and reliability of the interview can be acquired from Satu Jalonen.

Summary of problems and benefits that Shared Space application holds


  • Slow
  • Buggy
  • Missing icon explanations
  • Too late introduction to the course
  • Needs increase of uploadable file sizes
  • Filtering and search
  • Unstable
  • Fragmented help and not context sensitive
  • There was no-online discussion possibility
  • Network view is messy, needs direct access to ones own space
  • Possibility to group items in the content view
  • The Process view (GANTT) lacked clear indication of the start and end dates of the tasks, a line indicating the current day and other visual affordances of the possible use.
  • Link direction and labels cannot be changed
  • Recent changes is missing


  • Visual overview
  • Assigning access rights and responsibilities
  • Linking, i.e., see relations
  • Everything in the same place
  • File sharing
  • Commenting
  • Version control
  • Seeing the progress of the project
  • Automated GANTT (no need to do the requested GANTT chart separately)

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