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Document type: KP-lab report
Product name and version: Shared Space, prototype http://2d.mobile.evtek.fi:8080/shared-space/
Organizers of the test: Minna Suhonen, Hanna Kilpeläinen
Date of the test: April 17 2008
Date of the report: April 17 2008
Editor: Minna Suhonen, Hanna Kilpeläinen
Contact name(s): Minna Suhonen; minna.suhonen@evtek.fi, Hanna Kilpeläinen; hanna.kilpelainen@evtek.fi

Purpose of the test

To find out how the groups will experience the mind map structure does the group follow the session logs and what other are doing in the shared space.



Observation in context, recorded with camera. Analysis will be done by combining the video from cameras and camtasia done by the test team. The group members will be interviewed before and after the filming for background information. See appendix 1
  • Participants: The group will be Book Club group of DAP06. The students are media Engineering students at EVTEK University of Applied sciences. The students are in their second year of studies and have been using shared space application approximately 4 week, 2 hours per week for their multimedia project.


Study in context, users do what they would do in any case, we will observe and film them. We try to focus on the way how the group deals with the mind map structure of the shared space.

Test Facility

  • The shoot will take place in one of teacher's work room.
  • Two team members will be present
  • The test team will use Camtasia, cameras, film, no computer

Participant’s Computing Environment

  • The group will use a computer.
  • Computer platform: Fujitsu Siemens
  • Browser tested: Mozilla Firefox
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768
  • Operating system: Windows XP Home Edition
  • Connection speed: WLAN 54 Mbps


  • Preparation of the setting. Preparation of cameras and Camtasia and opening the Shared Space.
  • Testing the setting: testing that the cameras work but not testing that the Shared Space works.
  • Welcoming the users: in a class room and for everyone at the same time.
  • Explaining to the users what they are going to do: at first for everyone generally and then for each personally.
  • Interviewing for background information: See Appendix 1.
  • Sequence of the tasks: To upload a file to Shared Space and to comment it.
  • Debriefing with the users: See Appendix 1.
  • How/where you save the data you gathered: Saved on a film and a computer.

Data collection

  • The data will be film and camtasia
  • The film shows the behaviour of the group and how they use the Shared space. It can be later referred and viewed again for more analysis.
  • Collaborative raw data sorting out
  • There will be clips of the film that bring out the highlights of the use of the mind map. See Ylirisku, Boor: p. 194-204.


  • Planning time 8-10 hours
  • Pilot test: week 9
  • Actual test week 16
  • The test will take 60 minutes
  • Analysis: 6 hours + editing the film: 2 days
  • Minna supervises that the timeline keeps


  • Mind map is not a problem
  • Shared Space more used if it had been there from the beginning
  • Every project looks the same: more personalization to buttons/tasks
  • At the beginning looks complex: guiding needed

Video highlights

  • See the highlights of the user comments in the attatched videos. Format: avi xvid (flash video coming soon)

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